Immoral Dressing in Church By Dr Paul Enenche

God is in control, the devil is not in control. You should be able to sit in church and look anywhere you want to comfortably but there are people who cannot look in certain directions because the armpit, chest or any part of the body is exposed. Some other people have to look away, that devil is a liar, someone should be able to come to church.

If you don’t go to a night club to be seduced, you should not come to church and be seduced.
Someone ran away from the club and came to the Church only to see someone dressed exactly like the person he saw at the night club.

The standard of God has never changed for any generation. If your heart is clean, your body will be clean, if you are decent in heart, you will be decent outside, if you have passion for God inside, you have passion for God outside. Church Gist If the love of God is in your heart, you will not try to put a stumbling block in front of anybody, you will not allow anybody to fall because you are so selfish enough to advertise your self and your physical contours.

I am angry that seduction should confront a person in the Church, l am angry that somebody comes to church to worship God and then left the Church and had to commit fornication that day because he was provoked by something he saw in the Church.

If you are filled with the genuine Holy Ghost and you stand in front of a mirror, that Holy Ghost will rebuke you and say you can’t dress like that and go out. If nothing is rebuking you, there is nothing holy inside you.
Dress well!

Source: Facebook

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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