(Ethical Codes For Young Ministers)
– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Beloved, never take the honour from those above you in ministry for granted!!!
I have seen some young ministers who don’t know how to receive honour from elders, and your correct posture towards the honour conferred on you by the elderly ones will make a big difference in your life.
If someone above you in ministry honours you in whichever way, it is an uncommon privilege and it should NEVER be taken lightly.

Never equate yourself with him. If he appreciates you or commends your work, never lose sight that it’s still “above” you.
For instance, if someone above you in life and ministry uses “Sir” or “Ma” for you, you had better let it not get into your head.
That people comment on your Facebook posts or share your Facebook posts does not mean you’re the boss over everyone.
If someone above you shares your posts, see it as a golden privilege; not as a personal right.

Even if your colleagues or those who look up to you or any other person shares your posts, count it as a great privilege and never take it lightly.
That everybody is operating in the same social media space does not mean that we all are “equals”.

You must recognize people and honour them accordingly. Don’t talk to people anyhow on Facebook.
Don’t comment arrogantly on people’s posts. If you have sincere questions, ask politely and honourably and don’t prove a too-know attitude.

Be mindful of your choice of words when you’re talking to those you perceive to be above you and be deliberate about it.
Truth is that most elderly people will honour you but it’s you that will discern which posture to take. That a “father” calls you a “friend” does not mean that you should call him a “friend”.

Jesus called His disciples “friends” – Jn. 15:15 but THEY NEVER called Him friend, because they knew He was a “Father” to them, for He also called them “children” – Jn. 21:5.
He called them “friends” because He was friendly to them; nothing more, and they had enough sense to recognize that.
That you write more posts on Facebook or have larger followership on social media platforms in general WILL NEVER in any way place you on the same level with or above those who are “above” you by divine setting and ordination – Heb 7:7, Phil.2:19-21, 1Cor.22:28.

I personally have adopted a principle of HONOURING ALL MEN – 1 Pet.2:17, including those who are above me, those who are my colleagues and those who look up to me.
I can’t remember any of my sons, daughters or protegees that I don’t use “Sir” or “Ma” for REGULARLY.

Now that’s “PERSONAL” and it doesn’t mean that those who do otherwise are wrong.
No, it’s just that there are certain principles you will deliberately and intentionally bind your life with to stay safe in the pursuit of God’s purpose for your life.

By God’s Grace, this is my 19th year in ministry and I have seen a lot of shenanigans committed by “young ministers”, and I mean “A LOT”.
Never listen to those who claim that we’re all equals and that we’re all colleagues in ministry – they’re confusionists and they’re playing to the gallery.

We’re all equal in SONSHIP – Gal. 4:4-5, Rm. 8:14 but we’re not all equal in OFFICES, ROLES, and ASSIGNMENTS – 1Cor.4:15, Phil. 2:19-22.
The same Paul who projected the doctrine of “EQUALITY OF SONSHIP IN CHRIST” – Gal. 4:4-5, Rm. 8:14 was the same man who said some apostles were BEFORE HIM in “ministry” – Gal. 1:17, and that Peter, James and John were PILLARS in the Church – Gal. 2:9.

Infact Paul called himself “THE LEAST” of the apostles – 1 Cor. 15:9. Now that was a wise man. He didn’t say they were his “colleagues” because of his deep revelation in the Word.

He wasn’t the one who gave Peter, James and John the right hands of fellowship; THEY WERE THE ONES who perceived the Grace of God upon his life and gave him the right hands of fellowship – that’s typical of VERTICAL MINISTERIAL RELATIONSHIP – Gal. 2:9.

Until you as a minister masters how to receive the honour from those who are like your fathers, mentors or instructors with wisdom, respectability and decorum, then generational ministry is not yet in view because what we do today is a seed that we sow for tomorrow.

On a final note, never disrespect or dishonour fathers in the Body of Christ for whatever reason.
Our generation may have the hype and the hoopla but money cannot buy a walk with God.

You may have more money, more branches, larger followership, more fame, more manifestations and demonstrations, more platforms or invitations, etc. than the “fathers” but YOU CAN’T HAVE MORE “AUTHORITY” THAN SPIRITUAL FATHERS.

My humble piece of counsel; if you used to prostrate before some fathers before you rose to stardom, but now that money and fame have come and when you see them, you stretch your hand to shake them or hug them, you need A MENTAL RESET.

There are emerging trends in this generation that you should not buy into if you’re thinking of the posterity of God’s mandate upon your life because what goes round comes round.
I’m not afraid of CRITICISMS and BACKLASHES but I’m really praying that in my own generation, God Almighty will raise men and women who are well trained in Kingdom culture and protocol and who will be undeterred by the disturbing trends in our modern world.

May the Lord help our generation!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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