You can be an experienced minister yet not be approved.
You can be an orator yet not be approved.
You can be educated and more educated than every body in your territory yet not be approved.

What qualifies a minster of God and a minister of the presence is Testimony of Fire.
The way God is served is by fire not by oratorial prowess.

The ways God is served is by the burnings that erupts from the belly of his servant.
It is a reality that existed before time began.
Every one that have served in the mountain of God is a burning one.

Without the flame of fire, your service have no stature before they immortals.
The testimony of your service is the depth and the intensity of your flame. When spirits judge men, they don’t judge men by how much they know, they judge them by the brightness of their illumination. That is why the angels of God, they burn with Fire and they illuminate with light.

What makes a man a minister is not whether he is a spirit or a man; everybody that falls into the category of a minister is a flame of Fire.
There are too many Orators on the pulpit, there are too many talkers on the pulpit. When the demons come they don’t respond to your English, they respond to the flame that burns from you.

If you’re not on fire you can serve in this kingdom. Packaging is not enough. All of us, we wear suit. All of us, we read from the bible but that is not what makes us ministers. What makes us ministers is whether or not we burn with the fire of God.
This is why everybody that wants to be used of God must hunger for fire.

Daily Uplift

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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