I saw so many good things done by people physically mounting up like parcels upon a mountain at a side we could all see. All the good things, the services, the charities, the labour of love and sweats of works in the vineyard of the Lord all transforming into parcels, large or small and dropping from the sky upon the place the goods were pilling up. It was a scary moment.

The person being examined would suddenly find himself or herself standing on a very high place where everyone could see him as his services in Christ are being read and the parcels of the services were falling on the heaps of the parcel of his service.

The Labors on mission fields. The lifting up of others. The encouraging teachings. The sacrificial givings. Midnight Intercessions. The fasting and the prayers.
It was scary and frightening as all the Parcels of Earthly Services mounted up on the mount in the view of everyone, and the Saint being reviewed would stand high up before us all.

Then, a fire would descend from the sky and fell upon the Parcels of Earthly Services. There was a huge fire consuming the Parcels while we all watched and the person in examination also stood panting in fear and tears. When the fire had gone down, whatever remained out of the ashes would be what the person was rewarded upon.

So, I stood in awe as I watched a huge piles of Parcels of Earthly Services burning to the ground and left with a small bright Diamond. And I had stood in uttermost disbelief as I watch a large pile of Parcels of Earthly Services being consumed with fire.

Only to be left with a huge piled-up precious stones and diamond and gold and bronze which could not be consumed with fire.

Source: Evang. Mike Bamiloye

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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