-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Sometime ago; after a mid-week service, a beloved one walked up to me to greet me.
I sat her down, engaged her in a minor discussion and asked her, “Sister, how about your marital life?”.

You know what she said; she responded, “F9”. Boooooooooom! A bomb blast! I nearly fell off my chair. I asked, “F what?”. She replied, “F9”.
I said, “Sister, you know what; that’s where the trouble is. If you already confess and conclude that you’ve scored F9 in your marital life, then don’t expect any thing tangible to come out of it”.

The sister has been believing God for marital settlement and it appears as if age is not on her side.
So I told her, “Say after me, I have A1 in my maritals”. I asked her to say that after me repeatedly and she did.

After that meeting, her face lit up like a neon sign in the sky and her confidence became reinforced that it was not yet over because God is up to something.
I encouraged her with testimonies of people I had ministered to in the past (some of whom were in their mid-30s then) but today they’re happily married.

Beloved, the challenge of marital settlement is often overbloated and exaggerated by negative speaking. Stop the negative speaking Beloved!
The reason for your delay may be because you’ve been speaking wrong.
Words like:

“No man is asking me out”
“Ladies are turning down my proposal”
“Will I remain single for life?”
“Something must be wrong with me. That’s why ladies don’t like me”
“I’m afraid what happened to my mother is already playing out in my life”
“Our family is known for late marriages”
“Getting married is very difficult”
“No one can escape crises in marriage”
Plus Much More, should not proceed out of your mouth

I bet you if you start SPEAKING POSITIVELY, things will begin to turn around for your good.
Words like “My name is as ointment poured forth, therefore the virgins love me. I’m the beloved of the Most High. The beauty of the Lord is seen upon me, therefore I attract the right persons, etc.” should constantly flow out of your mouth.

I tell people regularly that you can’t be that “bad” that God will not be able to release “one” of His “sons” or “daughters” to you out of billions of His children all over the world.
It’s majorly when someone is a “bad guy” or a “bad girl” that parents will not release their children to such for marriage.

So let’s just take this as an example for the purpose of this piece; for God not to willingly or wilfully release any of His children to you for marriage, what you’re saying indirectly is that you’re “a bad guy” or “a bad girl”, and I don’t believe that you are; you’re the precious priceless possession of the Lord.
Glory to God!!!
Therefore it’s about time to begin to press the right buttons.

Start speaking positively and you will suddenly discover that your future “husband” or “wife” has been waiting for you actually.

I declare right now by the power of the endless life that the anointing upon this word settles you permanently in your marital life in Jesus’ Precious Name.
It’s a new dawn!!
Peace In Jesus’ Name!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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