We have come to recognize that we serve a God of speed. Romans 9:28
From this Scripture it is clear that we serve a God of speed. 1John 1:5
Qualifying the kind of speed at which God works, it says God is light so the speed of light is the speed of God. When you talk about God’s execution of His purposes it never takes time, God’s intervention is sudden and supernatural.

The Bible makes us to understand that in the day of Pentecost when God was going to invade His Church, it says ‘suddenly there was a sound of a mighty rushing wind and as a result of that every one of them had the Cloven tongues of fire and the Bible says when it was noised abroad the multitudes gathered together’. Instant response, that is the God we serve. A God of speed and I see the God of speed responding to each one of us in the name of Jesus.

We also came to recognize that the God of speed is engaged largely on the altar of prayer. In other words the speed of God is always a product of the engagement of the altar of prayer.

That servant of Abraham said ‘Give me good speed today’. It was on the altar of prayer that we saw the speed of God being engaged supernaturally.
That is why it is important to know what it takes for you and I to engage that divine speed through the altar of prayer and this morning we are going to look at another case study, the case study of Elijah.

The Bible tells us in 1Kings 18:21-24
There was contention in the land. The land had surrendered to the worship of Baal and the Bible says Elijah said ‘Now if Baal is God serve Him, if God is God then serve Him, but this is what we are going to do, we will take a particular bullock and we will sacrifice it upon the altar, let the prophets of Baal call upon their gods and I will call upon the Lord God and let the God that answers by fire, let Him be God’.

The Bible tells us between verse 36 and 39 from the morning to the evening, the prophets of Baal had done their best and in verse 36 the Bible says, ‘when it came to the time of the evening sacrifice Elijah prepared the bullock and put it upon the altar and then prayed a very short fervent prayer’, what was it? He said ‘Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel, let it be known this day that Thou art God in Israel and that I am Thy servant and that I have done all these things at Thy Word’. He said ‘Hear me oh Lord, that these people may know that Thou art the Lord God and that Thou hast turned their hearts back again’, and the Bible says in verse 38, ‘The fire of the Lord fell’.

A very short prayer, very fervently presented and instantly Heaven responded. The Bible says that the others were praying from morning till evening but this one looked unto God and engaged the God of speed. If you look at the prayer he prayed it was not a prayer that could be answered another day, God had to answer that day. What did he say? He said let it be known this day, not tomorrow, and instantly the God of speed responded on his behalf.

I want you to understand that we serve the same God of Elijah, the One who responds instantly to every request but what you and I must understand is what it takes for us to position for such a response.
In the Book of James 5 the Bible shows us the secret of Elijah verse 16-18. The Bible says ‘Then confess your sins one to another that you may be healed’, it says ‘The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’, not the casual prayer but the effectual fervent. Another translation puts it this way, ‘The heart felt prayer of a righteous man, it makes tremendous power available that is dynamic in his working’.
We are told of examples like this in the life of Elijah.

Elijah prayed that it should not rain and it didn’t for a space of three years and six months, he prayed again and the Heavens gave rain. The Bible says Elijah was a man of like passions like we are, he was a man like you, he was a human being like you and I. The difference was that he was fervent. He was passionate.Romans 12:11.

To be fervent in spirit has to do with engaging your heart, it has to do with being spiritually on fire. When you find a lukewarm individual on the altar of prayer that individual will lack answers. What secures Heaven’s response is the degree of your fervency.

When a man or woman is fervent on the altar of prayer they can never lack answers from on high. A fervent spirit is a direction which God will always respond.
My prayer for each one of us is that from this day unward our spirits shall remain fervent.

So every time you go in prayer, pray with fervency, fervency is not about volume, it’s about connectivity, it is your heart being engaged. We were told that Hannah prayed, how did she pray? Words from her mouth could not be heard but they saw her like a drunk. She was consumed by what she was presenting unto God.

Until your prayer consumes you it cannot contact God. It is the prayer that consumes you that will contact God and whatever contacts God is what God will respond to.
My prayer from today is that as we stand upon the altar of prayer may our prayers begin to consume us.
That’s what it takes. It takes engaging in fervency to see the God of speed respond on our behalf.

Furthermore we discover that for anyone to enjoy divine intervention we must engage the force of expectation, the prayer that you don’t expect to be answered will not be answered.
One of the issues that we see that many have on the altar of prayer is that they pray for the purpose of religion not for the purpose of answers. That’s why you find people today who are even shocked when their prayers are answered.

They are surprised. ‘Can you believe I just prayed like that and God just answered me? Why? Because there is no expectation.
Proverbs 24:13-14
When you pray what are you expecting? You are praying for the lost, what are you expecting? You are praying for Church services, what are you expecting? You are praying for your converts, what are you expecting? Your expectation matters on the altar of prayer. You are presenting that list of those you want to minister to, what are you expecting? Our expectation determines His intervention.

What are you expecting when you pray? These are vital questions that you and I must ask ourselves because where there is no expectation there can be no response.
The Bible tells us concerning the children of Judah in 2Kings 20:3-24.

How that they went to the Lord and waited upon Him. And God smote all or their adversaries and there was not one that escaped. God intervened instantly on the basis of their expectation.
There are many that offer intercession but lack expectation. Until you have expectation your intercession remains barren. So you and I must ensure that our hearts are expectant.

The man at the beautiful gate looked at Peter and John expecting to receive something. Don’t go to God without expectation. Where there is no expectation you will depart without any manifestation.
From today I see your heart loaded with divine expectation.

Take note of this in particular as it concerns the multiplication of this Church, it is no big deal for God to double the attendance of this Church on or before May 2nd 2021. Our God is a God of speed. We pray with fervency, pray with expectation, you can be sure that we will see His manifestation. Deuteronomy 2:

The God who has the ability to make the earth to bring forth in a day has the ability to deliver the multiplication mandate of this Church within this time period. God is a God of speed and we shall see His hand hasten His Word into performing in our midst in the name of Jesus Christ.
Lift up your hand and take grace from God. Lord I receive grace to engage with fervency, to engage with expectancy on the altar of prayer. I receive the grace.

No more lukewarm prayers for me in the name of Jesus. I receive grace to engage in fervency, I receive grace to engage in expectancy every time I go upon the altar of prayer loading my heart with expectation, anticipating Your intervention at every point in time in the name of Jesus Christ.

No more barren prayers, my prayers must secure answers, no more barreness on the altar of prayer, my prayers must secure Heaven’s attention, Heaven’s intervention provoking supernatural intervention in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lift your voice and pray and secure grace from God, begin to tap into the Spirit of grace and supplication. Thank you Lord in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Lord unto You we look this morning, let Your grace come afresh upon each one of us, the grace for fervency in prayer let it come upon us. The grace for expectancy on the altar of prayer, let it come afresh upon us.
No more barren prayers for anyone of us in the name of Jesus Christ.

Thank You Father for in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Church Gist

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.