Why Divine Direction?

Let me start by saying this, you know prayer generates this kind of energy that even you does not know where it is coming from, no matter who is praying but there is always result. Especially those that have praying parents but you that does not have praying parents you need to pray efficiently so that your friend who doesn’t pray as much as you won’t see result than you do. This could render your prayer useless. Don’t let us dwell on this.

In short, what I’m saying is that if we cant pray to get result can we say we’ve actually prayed?

When there is no direction, it means there is confusion and when there is confusion you are stuck as a result of lack of direction. See there is a voice of confusion and this is so because there is no particular direction. And God is not a God of confusion according to I Corinthians. 14:33
Can you pray against every voice of confusion? Rather confess it, I am not confused, I know what to do per time, I wont get stuck.
And when you are stuck, it means your time is been wasted. So the reason you need divine direction is just for you to go into the right way but for you not to waste your time and time does change anything is only reveals.

Can you pray that Father, I won’t waste my time . I receive and follow your instructions for my life.

Talking about time, you can also waste your time, when you are going in the wrong direction, and this destroys faster when you speed in that direction. Saul turned Paul in Acts 9, had a ministry but at first he was going in the wrong direction with full speed, killing those he was ordained to saved. Just that Paul started on a right direction at first, he would have achieved double of what was recorded in the scripture. See, his aggressive kind of nature didn’t come as a result of been rebellious against Jesus but a strength that has be giving unto him for the body which was been manipulated by the devil. But thank God for Mercy that made God to redirect his life to the right path.

WE are praying: father in anyway I have gone in wrong direction, in your mercy re-direct my path, father order my steps.

Listen to me sir, all directions are ways but there can only be one divine direction which also implies that something when you go on the wrong path you become an enemy of God. Remember Paul persecuting the body of Christ, his wrong direction led him to that. Oh Lord re direct my steps and have mercy on me just like Paul.

Still on Paul, it possible that when you are on the wrong path, all virtues God has deposited in you are been used wrongly , Can you imagine Pauls knowledge about the law, his gifts? Could it be that misuse of purpose is as a result of lack of direction or going in the wrong direction?

Can you see why we need divine direction? We are praying, father in anyway I have misused or misusing my purpose as a result of lack of direction, Lord have mercy and make me to align.

See, when you are not following divine direction it means you are been disobedient because most directions come from God as instructions.
Father make me to obey and follow your instructions.

One of the reasons of disobedient is because we refused to make the Lord our shepherd; we just recite Psalms 23 as poem. Following instructions means you are obeying the instructor, if the Lord is the shepherd that is leading you, why are you not following his instruction? Simple, YOU are yet to allow him to Lord over you.

Pray that Father Lord over me… Father hold my hands

Listen to me sir, when God holds you ands, you can never go in the wrong direction. When the divine himself is leading you, what do you call that??? FAther, Hold my hands

Lets proceed, looking further into Psalm 23: 4-6, you can only overcome challenges, tribulations only if God is the one truly leading you, the Jesus already told us in John 16:33, that in this world we will have tribulation but be of good cheer but this if only you are following, Psalm 23-4-6 can only be possible until you agree and align with Psalm 23:1

You know divine direction also shows you humility (Psalm 25-9), because of time there one more thing I need to discuss.
Been divinely directed also shows how much you understand Christ, the bible recorded that Jesus is the way the , the truth and the life John 14:6. So knowing Jesus automatically means you know the way.

That is the more you know Jesus Christ, the ore you know the way to God, tell me how best do you define divine direction?
Can we pray? Lord Jesus help me to know you more…
You see, anytime im been prompted or reminded of Prayer conference by Holyghost because most time I am been reminded on the pattern of this meeting before I begin to wait on him for focus even though always reluctant, I’m always excited not because people will gather but because I’m been opened to another dimension of possibilities on that journey of waiting.

Whatever I say or will say is like 10 percent of what received. Nobody is hosting anybody here, we are all partaker in this meeting.
Still on that John 14:6, when you begin to know the way, you are exposed to the truth before life comes into you!

The definition of truth according to scripture is not when you are able to teach that subject of truth but when that truth can produce liberty. And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free not make you teacher.

But all these begin with Knowing the Way which is Jesus Christ. Like I always tell people anytime I go for outreach, knowing is in levels. If I asked you that did you know the president of Nigeria, I know everyone will say Yes and even mention his name but can I ask you What is his Best Food? Then if you cant answer did you really know him?.

Same thing to Jesus, do you actually know him? Remember he is the way? The bible recorded in Psalms 103:7 Moses know his way but the Children of Isreal know his acts.
No wonder the Children of Isreal can not go anywhere without Moses, because his has the divine direction and the compass to the promise land. It takes man that knows his way to be divinely directed.

Listen here, for some of you, God is already telling you that you are on the wrong path, you are not following his instruction, you are already stranded sef. All you need is to listen to the counsel of the HolySpirit, that gentle voice … Isaiah 30:21. And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

Pray in Spirit for few minutes as God will be given us next direction, clear, clarified instructions, Let you heart be quite to receive don’t be doing market shopping and say you did not receive any thing.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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