GOD’S ASSIGNMENT FOR MAN – Apostle Joshua Selman

God gave man dominion, and something happened, what happened? Satan came and now… please understand this, the moment God said let them have dominion, it became scripturally incorrect for God to do anything on earth without the cooperation of man…
Are you listening to me?

…not because He lost the ability but He transferred that mandate to man. So, as far as God is concerned, hear me, the chaos on earth is because of the poor governance of the man that God put. Christ is absolutely the king in heaven that’s why heaven is in its state of peace and serenity. Hallelujah!
And He puts the Holy Spirit who represents Himself in our lives to communicate the values of the kingdom.

Are you following me now? The Bible says and God breathe into that man the breath of life and he became a living soul. And the man was given an assignment, what was his assignment? His assignment was.

Hear me, we need to understand what the assignment of man is. His assignment wasn’t to just farm as many people say–tilt the ground, yes I understand but the assignment of man is to extend… hear me, …to extend by creativity and dominion, to extend the rule, the reign and the values and the culture of the kingdom and listen to me now, and by reproduction to give birth to men who are after that man who’s after God.

Are you following me now? So that the earth would be filled with many citizens who are fashioned after the culture, the life and the character of the king. That way, the multifaceted dimensions of the king will find expression in this sphere of His kingdom.

That was and is still God’s desire for man.

Daily Uplift

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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