CIVILIZATION – Apostle Mike-Okropo

Every manifestation we see on the earth realm is a revelation of the spirit that is prevalently dominating in such Sphere of reality.

The earth realm have no capacity to birth or to give rise to civilization or to reality because principally what we call Civilization are actually characteristics of Spirits. So when a Spirited entity invades a territory, just in case you don’t have sufficient discernment to tell the spirit that has invaded the territory, just look upon the people and see the things that are happening, then you will tell the spirit, whose government his in operation.

So when you see fornication and adultery littered every where, it Simply tells that an immoral spirit have taken over the authority of that Sphere.

When you see violence, when you see killing, you don’t need to go too far, because a Spirit his sitting upon the people.

Daily Uplift

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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