(Godly Wisdom For Young Ministers)

-Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

It’s not a crime to be a young minister.
It’s not a crime to be a youth.
And indeed, it’s not a crime to be in your early or growing years in ministry.
But it’s a “crime” to be rude and arrogant as a young minister.

It’s a “crime” to exhibit traits of incivility, unmannerly conduct and unscrupulous behavior as a young minister.
You will not remain a “young minister” for life.
However, as a young minister, let no man despise your calling and destiny just because you’re a youth.

Don’t become intimidated because some that you hold in a very high esteem have written you off in life just because you’re young.
You carry a treasure from Heaven. Go through your requisite ministerial tutelage under trusted hands in due reverence and honour and don’t bypass or circumvent divine process.

In a situation whereby a senior minister despises you or discourages you with unkind remarks or statements, NEVER FIRE BACK!
Don’t ever do it. Don’t look into their face. Don’t abuse them. And don’t ever say that they will see for themselves later.
Just MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. It’s God Who called you and He alone will vindicate you if you’re on the right path.
Don’t try to prove any point to anyone you consider as a senior minister. Walk in love and let Grace lift you.
Don’t hold any senior minister in your heart just because he didn’t believe in your calling. He may realize his “mistake” later.
You don’t have all the time in life and ministry to be nursing wounds and injuries for the rest of your life – it’s not worth it!
Focus on your assignment. Set your face like a flint and be accountable to your God-ordained spiritual authority.
You may not have control over what human beings will do to you but you have control over your own reaction.

And it is in your response and reaction that you show Christlikeness and spiritual maturity.
Till Jesus comes, some older people will not believe in you or in your calling but never allow that to affect your self esteem.
The Apostle Paul told Timothy:
1 TIMOTHY 4:12
Let no man despise thy youth…
There will always be people who want to despise you as a young minister but never let that affect your morale – that’s what Paul is saying.
Don’t let it get into your mind, such that you start looking down on yourself as useless and worthless.
Timothy as a young minister pastored people in different age brackets, including grandmas and grandpas but he wasn’t intimidated; he treated them with honour as admonished by Paul, his spiritual father – 1Tim.5-1-3. That’s STRENGTH!
Honour the fathers.
Respect older ministers.
Honour all men.
You’re not being humble accepting the negative verdicts of men that you’re worthless in ministry.

Never accept that IN YOUR MIND. I didn’t say you should fire back. Just MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.
Never let any situation or circumstance in ministry bring you to the place where you find yourself disrespecting or dishonouring elderly people. It’s better to stay away!
Don’t let anyone force you to sow the wrong seeds.

That you’re a Campus minister today does not make you worthless.
Most fathers of Faith in the Body of Christ today in Nigeria started from Campus Fellowships.
It’s not all Campus ministers that don’t know the left from the right in ministry. I have met a couple of them that are VERY SOUND.
It will do the Body of Christ more good if we encourage these young chaps and straighten them out when we need to instead of designating all of them as spiritual rookies and amateurs.

Thank God for men like Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa who encouraged young ministers in his time.
I will tell you a story as I close. Many years ago when Papa, Bishop Francis Wale Oke was the President of Lagos Varsity Christian Union at the University of Lagos, there was a time the Fellowship invited Archbishop Benson Idahosa to minister.

The Archbishop came and when he heard the President of the Fellowship, Bishop Francis Wale Oke (then Brother Francis) speak, he was really impressed.
Papa Idahosa called Brother Francis and spoke these words to him, “Go and tell God that I said He called you”.

Gbam! What a motivation and inspiration. These are fathers. That’s the Archbishop for you!
I can’t even count (I have actually lost count of) how many great ministers that have been encouraged and motivated by Papa, Bishop Francis Wale Oke himself.
My first meeting with him in his office was WOW! It is impossible to ever recover from the effect of that 1hr 30mins discussion and impartation.

Let’s endeavour to encourage people. I’m not talking about sanctioning mediocrity but being part of people’s success story by His Grace.
I encourage people; not discourage them. I remember one of my sons who had faced despise in the past.
I encouraged him, prayed with him, and ministered to him thoroughly and by God’s Grace, he’s blowing hot everywhere today.
To the young minister, LET NO MAN DESPISE THY YOUTH.

You carry treasure. You carry substance. And nations of the earth are waiting for you.
Inspire someone and you would have done a good service to the Body of Christ.
I trust God to use this little contribution to encourage someone out there.

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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