The story is told of a lady who was constantly being sexually assaulted in her dreams by a “man”.
This terrible “guy” would appear to the lady in her dreams and “forcefully” have sex with her.

Even though the lady would try to put up a resistance, she was just too weak to do it.
Now people call such a man “spirit husband”, “demonic agent” or “the devil” himself; truth is that whatever name we call him, this “guy” is a trespasser and an intruder and he’s not a normal human being.

The sexual assault in dreams persisted for a long time and physically speaking, the lady’s life was always on a nosedive.
You know people have terrible experiences that are very unthinkable and every sincere Pastor will tell you that.

But friend, more real is our victory in Christ Jesus. Glory to God!!!
Back to my story. Now this is a true life story; it’s not a fiction.
On this fateful day in church, the lady was present and the Pastor spoke along that line by the Spirit.

He taught on the topic, “Rightly Discerning The Lord’s Body” – 1 Cor.11:29 – it was a Breaking of Bread meeting.
Afterwards the man of God quoted a scripture which later stuck to the sister’s memory.

What’s that scripture?
But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.
That was it! That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back!!!
Like a magnet, that scripture stayed glued to our sister’s heart!!!
That same night, this “intruder kind of a man” appeared again to the lady in her dream to have business as usual.
But Glory to God; by now the sister was operating in REVELATION KNOWLEDGE!
As the man attempted to touch her, the lady responded, “He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit”.

The “man” ran down a steep like a mad man and bolted away, never to inflict injury on our beloved sister again.
That was the last time she had such experience and her life on the physical side took a quantum leap!
I’m thoroughly convinced that there’s someone out there whom this word is meant for.

Are you having same experience or similar ones? Then that scripture liberates you now!
The devil cannot withstand THE POWER OF REVELATION KNOWLEDGE!
Why should you be getting wedded in dreams but in real life, you constantly experience disappointments in relationships?

Why should you be having sex in dreams and your business is crashing in real life?
Why should you lose pregnancy in real life each time you’re sexually assaulted in your dreams?
Such experiences are over now. By the power and authority vested in the Name of Jesus, I declare that the door is shut against the enemy.

Your stolen goods are restored in million folds and your testimony is next in line.
Therefore put that scripture in your mouth continually:

But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.
“I’m joined to the Lord, therefore I’m of one Spirit with Him. No evil trespasser or demonic agent has a hold over me. I belong to Christ and I’m free forever. Glorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry”.

It is so in Jesus’ Precious Name!
Your freedom is sure and secured!
Peace in Jesus’ Name!!


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