Are you absolutely sure that you are headed to Heaven when you die?
If you believe that you are Heaven bound, have you checked to make sure that your faith is genuine saving faith? The best way to be absolutely sure is to line up what you believe with God’s Word.

Noah’s ark is a beautiful picture of the secure salvation we can have by faith in Jesus.
Absolutely Sure

Is it presumptuous to think that you can know for certain that you are saved securely forever? I think not. The reason for such a conviction is rooted solidly in God’s Word. One of the clearest places is in I Peter 3, where we open in God’s Word today.

Peter reminds us that those in Noah’s Ark and everyone else on Earth went through the Flood, which pictured God’s wrath against sin. But only those sheltered in the Ark survived the Flood of God’s wrath.

Peter tells us that (2 Peter 3:9), “God was not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” God’s nature does not change. His will in Peter’s time was the same as in Noah’s time. Those who perished in the flood were only those who rejected God’s way of salvation. The only people who will awaken one day in Hell are those who rejected God’s offer of salvation in Christ.

Noah and his family went into the Ark, which pictured that salvation is only in Christ.

The ark was big enough to hold all who wanted to be saved, but amazingly only eight people wanted to be saved. Everyone alive in Noah’s day went through the Flood, which pictured God’s wrath against sin. But only those sheltered in the Ark survived God’s wrath.

Peter tells us that God used Noah’s Ark to illustrate salvation; and that picture, tucked away in the Old Testament, loudly declares the security of being in Christ. But salvation only comes to those who are really: In Christ Alone.


CONSIDERED TYPICALLY the ark is a wonderful picture of our salvation in Christ.

• It was planned by God, not invented by man.
• There was only one way of salvation; there was only one door in the ark.
• The ark was made of wood, speaking of the humanity of Christ: He had to be born as man in order to save us.
• The word for “pitch” in 6:14 is the same as the word “atonement” used later in the OT.
• God invited Noah and his family into the ark (7:2); and once they were in, God shut them in so that they were secure (

• The ark not only saved mankind, but also the creatures within it; just as Christ’s death will one day deliver creation from the bondage of sin.
• The ark saved them from judgment; Christ saves us from the wrath to come. First Peter

3:18-22 connects the ark with the resurrection of Christ; the waters buried the old world but raised Noah to a new life.

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