SPIRIT OF WISDOM -Pastor Paul Enenche


Isaiah 11:1-4.

It’s a Holy Ghost service. It’s the Spirit of the Lord that will move here this morning.
This month we shall be looking at diverse angles of the Spirit of God’s wisdom or of the wisdom of God as it pertains to release, to recoveries and to replications. l believe your life will never be the same in Jesus name.
Service Objective(s)

1. Understanding the spirit of wisdom
2. Understanding access to divine wisdom by the Spirit of God.
Scriptures make it clear that the spirit of wisdom is a major dimension of the operation of the Spirit of God.Church Gist. Now, the wisdom of God is so critical that the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost directly identify with wisdom. Look at the Father in Romans 16:27. So we are dealing with the only wise God. What about the Son? In 1 Corinthians 1:24, so Jesus did not just have wisdom, he is the wisdom of God. What about the Holy Spirit? He is called the Spirit of wisdom according to what we saw in the book of Isaiah 11:2. If the father is the only wise God and the son of God is the wisdom of God and the Spirit of God is the Spirit of wisdom, then it is not possible to survive and succeed without wisdom.
Notable personalities in scripture walked in wisdom. 1. Moses.

Deuteronomy 34:9
The Bible said that concerning Joshua, he was full of the Spirit of wisdom. A man can only give what he has. Moses laid wisdom on Joshua because he had wisdom And with that wisdom he wrote the first five books of the Old Testament. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy by the wisdom of God.
2. Solomon.
1 kings 3:10-13
Wise and an understanding heart. If these people, succeeded, survived, prevailed, made their marks in their generation by wisdom then that wisdom is necessary.
Somebody is receiving a baptism of the Spirit of wisdom this morning. If you are one shout the loudest Amen.

3. Daniel
Daniel 5:11
4. David
2 Samuel 14:20
5. Paul the Apostle
2 Peter 3:15-16
I wrote a book titled be wise and rise. It is very important to look through the content of that book, then 10 principal secrets of principal people. What makes them to be where they are. It is very very critical. And then 21 foolish things people do. The truth is, if somebody here was wiser than how you are now, your life would have been brighter than how it is now. And so we are going to be looking at how wisdom affects every area of our lives.

It affects how we walk day to day.
It affects our choice of friends and relationships.
It affects our marital choices even.
It affects our financial decisions.
It affects the use of our time.
It affects our productivity at the place of work.
It affects practically everything.
1 Timothy 1:17, 1 Corinthians 1:30, Ephesians 1:15-17

So what is wisdom? Especially the wisdom of God. What does the spirit of wisdom offer us? There’s so many things that I’ll be saying and I will start with these in this service.
The wisdom of God is supernatural access to answers and solutions.
Supernatural access to life’s answers and solutions. Whenever God enables you to access answers and to access solutions you’ve just arrived at the place of wisdom. Luke 2:47-48, Mark 6:2. Truth of the matter is, life is full of questions but God is full of the answers. And we access the answers to the questions of life through the wisdom of God. Somebody say a loud Amen. In Genesis 41, It was a challenge in the land where there was going to be so many years of famine. Well you Remember the dream that Pharaoh had. And there was going to be so many years of plenty and then years of famine that would follow. And by the wisdom of God a man brought answers his name was Joseph. Genesis 41:34-40. So wisdom is shown by God. When a man has answers from God it is called the wisdom of God. I believe that there are people here today who are confronted with several questions. How do I move my life from where I am to where I need to be? How do I move my business to the next level? How do I handle this marital crisis I am facing? The answer is coming. Somebody believe the answer is coming? Shout the loudest Amen.

What is the wisdom of God ?
The wisdom of God is access to and application of revelational light and insight from scripture.
The wisdom of God assists you to see out of scripture, what others cannot see. And not just to see it but empowers you to apply it. so wisdom is not just revelation, it’s not just insight. Wisdom, the wisdom of God is applied revelation. Revelation applied. You know, there is chemistry and there is applied chemistry. There is mathematics and there is applied mathematics. There is physics and there is applied physics. It is the applied one that makes us to be using this microphone and have all these lights and so on. If it was the theory of it we won’t achieve anything. The wisdom of God is applied revelation. Matthew 7: 24-25. The fact you heard my word, and you did it you’re a wise man. Hearing it alone was not enough. Doing it was important. Luke 11:49, Jeremiah 8:9. The word of the Lord is the container of the wisdom of God. When you see two Christians and two ministers and two pastors doing things, and they are having different results, it means there is something this one knows that he is doing, that the other one does not know and is not doing. Wisdom is applied revelation.

I speak to someone here today. God is about to show you something out of Scripture that is going to change the whole of your life and the whole of your destiny and the whole of your business and the whole of your marriage. If you are that person, you will shout the loudest Amen.

What is the wisdom of God?
The wisdom of God is access to supernatural creativity and workmanship. Exodus 28:3.
To create Aaron’s garment, the spirit of wisdom was needed. Exodus 31:1-6. If you are in the creative, and whatever brings you into the realm of the creativity, the wisdom of God is needed.Church Gist. It was with wisdom God created the earth- the design of the earth, the atmospheres, the stratospheres, the hemispheres, the Milky Way galaxies, the starry sky appearance, when you see the beauty of the constellations and the stars at night.

Sometime ago we traveled somewhere to an aquarium, and I saw diverse colors of fishes. The creativity of it was unbelievable. That Jehovah just sprayed some color and so on and so forth. And you look at creation and different animals, you will see the creativity of the creator. Psalm 104:24, Jeremiah 10:12, Proverbs 3:19. Become a genius. You become a guru In your realm of creative art, in your realm of performing art, In your realm of Musical art, in your realm of graphic design, your realm of architectural design, in your realm of fashion design, whatever realm you found yourself. You come to a point where you are literally outstanding. Some are going to be getting designs in their dreams of the night. In Revelations, in visions. You are just going to be seeing things that do not exist by the wisdom of God, and I am here to announce to somebody, I call it design I call it Creativity.

Things that did not and have not existed are going to come out of your hands in this season that will lead you to your releases, will lead you to your recoveries, will lead you to your multiplications and replications. If you are a believer shout the loudest Amen. Lift your voice and your hands and say I connect to the wisdom of God.
So are you understanding something?
What we are talking about is far beyond this realm. It is not cunningness. It is far beyond that realm. It is a Supernatural realm of creativity that is beyond just cunningness. That is wisdom.

The wisdom of God is access to Profitable action steps.
Supernatural access to profitable action steps. The wisdom of God guarantees a profitable cause for life’s actions. Where wisdom is lacking people are buried in Loses. Where wisdom is present, people explode in Profit. Ecclesiastes 10:10. Wisdom guarantee’s profits. Church Gist. It assist In living profitably. The wisdom of God helps to know the best decision to take within a given set of options. You have many Options. Wisdom tells you this is the best decision.

That was what Solomon did in his iconic landmark judgment. 1 kings 3:24-28. How did Solomon arrive at that decision? The wisdom of God. How did he know what to do at that spur of the moment? The wisdom of God.
Supernatural access to divine mysteries and hidden secrets.

The wisdom of God unveils mysteries and exposes secrets. Job 15:8. Daniel 2:19-22,30. The secret of God equals wisdom. Wisdom gives you access to the secrets of God and the secrets of God are the secrets of success in life. Job 29:4-5. Wisdom also gives you access to hidden mysteries, things that are mysteries around your life you don’t understand. God unveils the mysteries. Wickedness mysteries, and listen when you have access to mysteries, you terminate your miseries. When you have access to mysteries you step into mastery.

The wisdom of God is supernatural access to divine direction and guidance.
Wisdom is knowing the way to go in life. It is knowing what to do part-time to get results required. John 6:6, Proverbs 23:19. When the wisdom of God is with you, you don’t put your money in the wrong business. There are people who have ended up with the wrong business associates, wrong marriage life partners, wrong steps for the shortage of wisdom. For the unwise, every door is a door, for the wise not every door is a door.

For the unwise, every opening is a breakthrough but for the wise some openings are traps. And it takes the wisdom of God to understand what is a breakthrough and what will break your life down. Direction brings acceleration. You move faster If you know the road to go.
The Wisdom of God is what delivers people from disastrous steps.
The wisdom of God is superior mentality as supernatural sensibility. Isaiah 11:3-4.
The wisdom of God is what makes a person many many times higher than their contemporaries. Daniel 1:19-20. The wisdom of God places people in a class of their own.
The wisdom of God impacts the ability to anticipate and prepare for the future.
Ordinary people live only with today in mind. It impacts the ability for proactive living instead of reactive living. You don’t react to things, you act on things. You anticipate and act in advance. Genesis 41: 34-40, Proverbs 22:3, Proverb 27:12
Supernatural access to the will, plan and purpose of God.

The wisdom of God will make you know what to do with your life and not waste your life in the wrong endeavor as a young man and as a young lady. Isaiah 55:8. The thoughts of God is what we call the wisdom of God. When you get access to the thought or the mind of God, you just got access to the wisdom of God. Jeremiah 29:11
The wisdom of God is supernatural access to Divine Inspiration and ideas.

Life changing ideas. Frustration destroying ideas. Even wealth creation ideas. The wisdom of God ushers you into the realm of life changing ideas, world governing ideas, frustration destroying ideas, wealth creation ideas. Genesis 30:37, Job 32:8
The wisdom of God is supernatural ability for witty inventions.

The wisdom of God launches people, establishes people in the realms of inventions and innovations. Proverbs 8:12 by that invention, David invented music equipments.1 Chronicles 23:5, 2 Samuel 14:20. You bring about things in your generation that did not exist before.Church Gist. Now we are in the realms we are in the season, where God is going to show members of the Church. 99% of the inventions in this world came from minds in the church. Micheal Faraday of electrolysis. Isaac Newton of mechanics. The man was a preacher. He was a theologian first and foremost. He wrote more books about the Bible then he wrote about Physics and Mathematics. Those days are coming back to the church again. R.G. Letourneau that invented the earth moving machines and also the armored vehicles used in the second world war. He was a child of God, a chronic tither. Dr. Simpson the obstetrician and gynecologist, solid child of God, Humphrey Davy, these were solid children of God, George Washington Carver, American botanist and inventor. Solid child of God. He said when he sits in his laboratory, it’s as if an angel or somebody will draw a curtain, and he will begin to look and all the things he is seeing, is what he can use groundnut to do. Inventions belongs to God, it belongs to the church.
The wisdom of God imparts the ability for the decomplications of complications and dissolving of puzzles.

Through the wisdom of God what was once complex is made simple and what used to be a puzzle becomes unraveled. That’s the wisdom of God. Daniel 5:12, John 8:6-11.
What is the secret of wisdom? What do we do to arrive at the wisdom of God?
1.Ask the Lord for wisdom at the place of prayer. Wisdom is not assumed, Wisdom is demanded. James 1:

2. Access the wisdom of God by the help of the Spirit. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of wisdom. Ephesians 1:15-18. Every time you flow in the spirit, you flow in wisdom.
Lift up your right hand. Just thank him for his word
Father, I receive wisdom today.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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