I have prayed and confessed, but I’m still in financial trouble. What else can I do?

Ask for wisdom. As Proverbs 4:7 says, “Wisdom is the principle thing; therefore get wisdom….”

I know that sounds simple, but when crises come, it’s surprising how many believers forget to do it. Most of the time they get excited and go off in every direction.

We need to learn to slow down a little in situations like that, start praising God and say: “LORD, I want to praise You and thank You for the covenant of peace. I refuse to let the devil take that peace from me. LORD, I know Your WORD says that You are with me in trouble and You deliver me. So I’m asking You now for Your wisdom in this matter. Please reveal to me how to pray and skillfully use my faith.”

Regardless of how confusing your problem may seem, you can pray that prayer in confidence knowing God will answer it because James 1:5 says, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not and it shall be given him.”

I remember one time in particular when The LORD demonstrated that in my life. At the time, Gloria and I were facing a situation that was very serious. We didn’t have the slightest idea what had caused it. To be honest, at first I simply reacted. I started saying every scripture and praying every way I could think. But God interrupted me and said, Kenneth, it’s good to confess scriptures. It’s good to pray. But the principle thing you need is wisdom. So just settle your heart down knowing that everything will be all right. You don’t have to get all disturbed. Pray in the Holy Ghost so you can pray the perfect will of God. Then listen for My direction.

So that’s what I did. Several days went by and I just went about my business, trusting God to reveal His wisdom to me. Then one morning, I woke up knowing exactly what we were facing and exactly how to answer with The WORD. I knew what to do and what to pray. As a result, Gloria and I walked out of that situation together in victory.

Source: Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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