THE STAGE IS BEING SET! – Pastor Femi Lazarus

While theologians are still in between opinions as to whether the antichrist will show up after or before rapture, it is important we are sensitive to see the stage that is being set by the spirit of antichrist in the world system.

One of the major things highlighted in Revelations 13 about the antichrist’s system is that “no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark”. I know you have heard this many times over, but the reason why that seems little to us is because we keep setting our gaze towards our local market and local currencies for transactional purposes, but much more we need to consider the MEDIA as the market stage of the world right now.

You can basically do any form of transactions with and in any nation of the world at the click of a button if you know your way around it.

This is my point; while the world system may seem to be projecting concepts like “human rights, freedom of speech, etc”

Social media platforms are actively censoring contents that doesn’t seem to be pushing the agendas and school of thoughts of the communist system. You are not free to air information about covid on social media just because you have it. You can’t say anything against the vaccines just because you have an opinion.

It seems people are expecting a mark on people’s foreheads instead of looking out for identity codes, that is, people identifying themselves with a thought process of doom.
While the world is projecting “free and fair” it is important you know that a system can’t give what it doesn’t have.

Start maximizing the grace placed on your life, don’t sleep while darkness monopolize the media and other mountains of influence.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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