What you believe about Jesus is Important – Apostle Joshua Selman

You must believe that He came from heaven, if you believe He came from Israel you’re not saved; you’re not a child of God.

There’s a footballer called jesus, he cannot save men, he can play football but he cannot save men. Please let’s clarify these loose ends quickly before we continue.
There are things you have to believe. Jesus Himself said in John 6 “I’m the Bread that came from heaven” He told us His location that He came from heaven. You must believe that He came from heaven.

Number 2 – You must believe in His incarnation. His incarnation is that mystery that made the Word flesh. The womb of a woman is that mystery. The mystery that made the Word, the eternal Word that was with God (John 1:1) become flesh. Many Christian don’t know this, you must believe in the incarnation not reincarnation, INCARNATION. If you believe in the reincarnation of Jesus Christ you’re an anti-christ. Incarnation! Incarnation!! The Word became flesh.

Number 3 – You must believe in His humanity. He didn’t just come and die and went away He walked upon the earth, partook of the weaknesses of men. There’s Jesus the man, He walked upon the earth. The Bible says He was in every ways like us tempted yet without sin. If you don’t believe in the humanity of Jesus Christ you will shortchange yourself walking in the fullness of the light of God.

You must believe in the dominion He enacted by means of the presence of the Holy Spirit in His life, not by means of being Jesus the Son of God. When He came upon the earth He restrict Himself of His Godship and submitted Himself as a model to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

So every results gotten in the ministry of Jesus Christ was not because He was Jesus, it was because He was under the influence of the Spirit so that we are not without excuse. The same Spirit that makes Jesus the Christ is the same Spirit that will make Jakes to be Christ; that will make Ejimi the Christ; that will make Joshua Selman the Christ. Believe in the humanity of Jesus. He demonstrated the sovereign power of God, flawlessly above creations, above principalities and power. He demonstrated towards in every life that Zoe is a possibility.

Are we together?
You must believe in the passion of Christ. Theologically speaking, the entire event that took place beginning from the upper room where they received the Holy Spirit was where they received the communion – Down to the experience in Gethsemane; down to Pontius Pilate and Herod who used Jesus as a scapegoat to become friends. They were enemies but Jesus (look how powerful Jesus is, even before He died He reconciled enemies).

Then you must believe in every activities, the mystery of His whip—for by His stripes we are healed. The mystery of the crown of thorns that was put upon His head—an exchange for our dominion restored. You must believe in the mockery that He received. You must believe in the fact that He was in His way to Golgota the place of skull as an exchange for us. Jesus did not die on the road, He was hung on a tree.

It was necessary that He had to be crucified. If Jesus died and it was not by crucifixion, He would not be able to take the sins of the world. There are conditions to be able to take the sins of the world.

1. you must become flesh.

2. your blood must be seamless.

3. you must enact a mystery that transfer the sins of men to you and that mystery is called the communion.

The communion is not what Christian takes in church, the communion is the sacrament. There’s a theology name for it it’s called the doctrine of interpenetration. The mystery with which two people become one. It’s what is used in marriage. Those separate entities by covenant, though two different people but one in the spirit and that is enacted through communion.

Daily Uplift

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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