Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
In ministry, JURISDICTION MATTERS. You need to understand the boundary and geography of your call in order to stay safe and last long.

There are certain things we don’t “grow” into in ministry, no matter all the spiritual efforts and preparations we put in place.
The sovereignty of God takes precedence over different shades of human consideration.

While it is good to pray, fast, study and give oneself to rigorous and long-range spiritual regimentations, it is however instructive to know that none of those can usurp God’s principle of divine election.

Scriptures like 1 Cor.12:28, Eph.4:11, Rm.11:5, Ps.68:6, Gal.1:15-16, Gal.2:8, Eph.3:8, Jer.1:4-5, Lk.6:13, etc. will suffice here.
For instance, you can fast and pray from now till eternity, but you can’t do it to be called into a ministry office; that is a matter of God’s divine prerogative.

You don’t fast to be called into ministry; the calling is an election of Grace. And that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in fasting.
By God’s Grace, I live a fasted life; but the import of this teaching should not be taken out of context.

Factors such as age, status, education, background, exposure, packaging don’t overall DIVINE ELECTION, even though they aren’t bad in themselves.
It is safer to stay within the ambit, ambience and circumference of God’s Word and pray according to God’s Word per time than to act beyond one’s jurisdictional powers in ministry.

You may blow grammar and speak Queens English from now till tomorrow yet you may not smell or come near the prophetic office – that’s just an example.
Whereas you can see someone who is an illiterate but is called into the prophetic ministry, and as a seeing prophet, even if he’s sleeping or dosing, he’s still seeing visions.

You see, it is a matter of THE CALL. The same thing is applicable to other ministry offices – apostle, prophet, pastor and teacher.
Stop telling God that you’re labouring more than others in prayers and other spiritual exercises yet you are not manifesting in some dimensions they carry.

Many other factors may be responsible for that and it’s not the goal of this short charge to capture them, but chiefly among them is DIVINE ELECTION.
Also, we need to get our MOTIVES right. We need not compare ourselves with others. We need to stay within our jurisdiction.

For instance, in the prophetic, there are PROPHETS TO NATIONS and not every prophet will operate like that.
In the apostolic, there are FATHERS OF MOVEMENTS in the Body of Christ and not everyone will function that way.

There are ministers who are CRITICAL LINKS AND BRIDGES between generations in the Body of Christ and not every minister is like that.
Don’t kill yourself in ministry. It is the same body with many parts – 1 Cor.12:20.
Find your place in the Body and grow there, and then God can take you through seasons of transition in the call.

While it is proper and of course COMPULSORY that we all pray, fast, study and engage aggressive spiritual exercises, we need to do such to become all that God has ordained us to be, and when we desire impartations, our desire should be inspired by the rich deposit of God’s Word within us – John.15:7.

No minister should be docile or stay on the same level; we should all strive to make a full proof of our ministry, but at no time should we allow THE PRINCIPLE OF DIVINE ELECTION fade off our consciousness.
This, to my mind, is one of the MAJOR SECRETS of longevity in ministry.
I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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