The Great Lesson!

Story That Inspires!!
Walking The Path Of Honour!!!

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Many years ago, the mother of one of Africa’s greatest prophets, Prophet D. O. Babajide, saw a vision.

In that vision, she saw her son, Prophet D. O. Babajide so huge with extremely big physique like a great giant but she was like a dwarf.
Worried by what she saw, she asked the Lord about it and God told her that that’s the true picture of her son compared to herself IN THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT.

God told her that her son was of a far greater and stronger stature than her spiritually speaking.
From that day, her attitude changed to her son. The level of estimation rose higher. She honoured her son as her spiritual father.
I first heard this story from Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and what a timeless lesson it teaches.

Beloved, our response to people will change the moment we see what they represent in the eternal plan and purpose of God.
Our behavior, attitude, and conduct will change when we begin to relate with people IN THE SPIRIT and not IN THE FLESH.
Revelation brings adjustment to our lives. Any supposed revelation that does not cause a positive adjustment in your life is a mere illusion and delusion.

The day Saul of Tarsus saw the true picture of Christ AS THE LORD on the road of Damascus, he stopped persecuting Him and started pursuing Him with zeal, zest and energy – Acts 9:3-6, Phil. 3:10, 1 Cor. 9:16.
Revelation changes many things in your life. Same Paul later told us:

Wherefore henceforth KNOW WE NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.
Very strong! Isn’t it? A major challenge we have in Christianity today is that too many people relate with too many people IN THE FLESH, hence we see, hear and do things that are unthinkable.

John the Beloved used to lay on Jesus’ bosom – Jn. 21:20, but when he saw Him in His truest picture in the glorified state, he fell down at His feet as dead – Rev. 1:17.
Revelation is potent and powerful! Everything in Christianity begins with revelation.

You will notice that even in ministry, relationships that are built on REVELATION; not ASSUMPTIONS last longer.
Abusive behavior and unethical conduct will stop when we start relating with ourselves IN THE SPIRIT; not IN THE FLESH.

Pastor, your attitude will change to your members the moment God opens your eyes to see what they represent in the future.
You will stop talking to them as if they’re in church to fill the space.

Husband, your attitude will change to your wife the moment you realize that she’s not just “destined” for the kitchen; she represents something more serious in the plan of God.
Wife, your attitude will change to your own husband the moment you know that that man is more than a bedroom mate; he carries a serious calling and destiny to deliver on earth.

Boss, you will stop maltreating your staff the day God opens your eyes to see that these people represent something great in the future.
You will tread cautiously, with the understanding that any of them can become your boss tomorrow.

Employee, you will stop playing pranks on your boss the day you see him in the true light of destiny.
You will relate with him as a destiny helper and serve him with integrity of heart.
Pastor-to-Pastor fight in the Body of Christ will stop the moment we begin to see what each of us represents in the eternal scheme of things.

We will stop abusing people on social media the moment we come to the awareness of their spiritual weight in the realm of the Spirit.
We will honour fathers of Faith the more, knowing that there are things they will see sitting down that we may not see standing up.

I remember some years ago, the Lord showed me what Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin represented in my calling, and it became uncomfortable for me to address him by any label.

Unconsciously, I became cool with calling him “Dad Hagin” and THAT’S PERSONAL TO ME.
It doesn’t mean that people who say “Reverend Hagin” or “Brother Hagin” are wrong. No No No!

It’s a PERSONAL THING and I don’t expect that anybody will twist this.
God deals with us differently and we need to respond to His dealings in a way we possibly can do best in line with the provisions of Scriptures.

The other time Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said any time Mama Idahosa calls him, he always picks the calls on his knees, because he couldn’t see himself standing on his feet to pick Papa Benson Idahosa’s call if Papa were to be alive, that’s PERSONAL.

We respond to the dealings of God differently and nobody should knock anybody for that.
One thing is however constant, and that is KNOW WE NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH.
Dad Hagin was fond of saying, “God knows the future more than we know the past”, and please permit me to add to it in that order, “God knows the future more than we know today”.

Please dear Sirs and Mas, I beg us in the Name of the Lord – DESPISE NO MAN. The Word teaches us to HONOUR ALL MEN – 1 Pet. 2:17.
You can’t determine anyone’s future. Let’s learn to honour all men and relate with men in their DESTINY; not in their CIRCUMSTANCES.
The first picture above shows Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola and Prophet David Olulana Babajide (who I earlier talked about).
They look so young in that picture; it would take THE EYES OF THE SPIRIT to see what they both represented in the eternal plan of God.

African Christianity has never remained the same by the ministry of these two great men. They changed the paradigms.
The second picture above shows Bishop David Oyedepo and Mama Faith in courtship.

Sorry to say; I’m not sure if any “sense-ruled” sister will ever say Yes to Papa based on his appearance here and I’m not also sure if “Holy Ghost-filled” brothers who are always looking for romantic sisters will first want to consider Mama here based on tushness.

But the story is not the same today. Friends, NO WE NO MAN AFTER THE FLESH!
The third picture above shows Pastor W. F. Kumuyi in the early days of ministry. It would take THE EYES OF THE SPIRIT to see the great future ahead of Baba.
The fourth picture above shows Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop Francis Wale Oke and some other MOGS fellowshiping.

It would take EYES IN THE SPIRIT to see the future ahead.
Spiritual people don’t relate with people IN THE FLESH but IN THE SPIRIT.
One of the greatest prayers you can pray for yourself is that God should open your eyes to see what men truly represent IN THE SPIRIT.

It will adjust many things in your life and set you on the path of greatness. Please let’s tread cautiously in life.
Don’t talk to people anyhow – you don’t know what they carry in destiny.
Don’t come to Facebook and talk to everybody anyhow because you’re only relating with their PROFILE PICTURE; not with their PROPHETIC PICTURE, SPIRITUAL PICTURE or DESTINY PICTURE – it’s not the best way to go!

HONOUR ALL MEN as a matter of principle and let the Spirit of God guide you in relating with people.
This is one of the greatest lessons we can learn in life and ministry, I suppose.
Trust you’re blessed by this Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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