WHAT A TOTAL WASTE: My Lessons From Observing One Goat

A goat saw an opening in the fence of a beautiful garden. It entered and fed itself with almost everything in the garden until it became fat. When the goat wanted to get out, the space was too small for its current size so it had to stay back and get slim before entering the hole to come out.

Our life on this earth is like the goat. We entered the world through “small hole”. We try to get almost everything in this world for ourselves. Some are killing, maiming and destroying others for survival. From dawn to dust, we step on others and eliminate them for our own good.

My dear, like the goat, a time will come when we’ll have to leave this world. We’ll have no option than to leave everything we laboured and destroyed others for, behind. The cars, buildings, marriage, children, academic achievements and the power, would all be left behind. Many people have demonstrated that, this is true. Maybe you’re a beneficiary of what someone left behind.

If our life on earth is like the goat, then we must think beyond the things in this world. Learn to forgive and be nice with people around you. Today, if you’re stripped of whatever you’ve achieved on earth, which is inevitable, what would you have to show in the next world? Others have gone before us and we’ll also follow one day.

May God give you the grace to run the heavenly race And finish well in Jesus name.
©Apt OC Merciful

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.