– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
In recent times, there have been baseless and unwarranted criticisms of ministers who post messages on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Sometimes people call them “Facebook ministers” who have no solid ministerial base or pedigree.
Infact some mischievously go to the extent of saying that they are “Facebook-ordained ministers”.

For the record, Facebook never ordained anyone into ministry. Most ministers that you see post their contents on Facebook have been in ministry before the advent of Facebook.
Some of them learnt ministry in the jungle, in the fiercest heat of Satanic battles – they’re not Conference-made ministers. Some learnt ministry where the devil’s seat is – Rev. 2:13.

These are men and women who have been faithfully undertaking their ministerial tasks in their respective spheres of influence until Facebook and other social media channels opened up new platforms for them to reach the world.

Most of them are driven by A SENSE OF URGENCY and that’s why they make use of every available medium (including Facebook) to urgently preach and teach the Gospel.

To now turn around and designate them as spiritual rookies looking for public attention is uncharitable.
If Jesus Christ were to be physically on earth today, I bet you He would be on social media platforms.

It is very easy for a Christian to give in to “the spirit of the Antichrist” unconsciously – by casting aspersions on channels used to preach the Gospel.
To my mind, this is one of the things that the Church has gotten right – making use of TIMELY TECHNOLOGY to preach the TIMELESS GOSPEL.

On the flip side, if Muslims dominate the social media space with their contents, critics of “Facebook ministers” will be the first to say they have an agenda.
But here we are; the Gospel is spreading like wild fire all over social media platforms as the waters cover the sea and some among us can’t see the hand of God in it.

Yes I agree that there are people who parade themselves as Gospel ministers but whose contents fall short of Biblical standards but we can’t use them to measure all of us.
There are bag eggs in every profession, so there’s bound to be people who are caricature of genuine ministers on social media but that won’t stop us from preaching and teaching the everlasting Gospel.

Truth is God has blessed the Church with the social media space and we’ve got to use it RESPONSIBLY.
Sometime ago, our social media Director briefed me on how people listen to us from the US, UK, Russia, India, Bulgaria, Kenya, Ghana, and some other nations, not to count the great number of people who listen to us in Nigeria, and somebody said we stop using the social media.

Friend, if you can write hundred posts per day on Facebook, please go ahead. If you can share one thousand posts per day on Facebook, please go ahead.
If you can upload one million Gospel contents per day, please go ahead. God will not kill you because of that. Just ensure that YOU HAVE A MESSAGE.

Let no one harass you. You have your space here. You will give account to Christ at His Judgement Seat on how you made use of it.
The Church should be united in purpose. Stop tagging those whom God has called as “Facebook ministers” who don’t understand the rudiments of ministry.

We have to be very careful in the way we talk about matters concerning the Church so that overbloated zeal does not place us on a collision course with God’s eternal purpose.
May the Lord help us all!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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