Be Careful of “Early Definition” – Pastor Femi Lazarus

As you move on in life one of the things you must be careful of is “early definition”. People will try to tag a name that concludes what you represent, don’t be too gullible to let people sum you up because of their own perception of you.

Many areas of your life can be shut down through this process, particularly if you are driven by the opinions of men.
There are apostles who started out as Pastors, there are teachers who started out evangelistically, the fact that you are starting in a way does not mean that is all there is about you.

Purpose becomes clearer with time and exposure, while you are in a world where you can’t control what anybody thinks or say, be careful enough to guard what is forming on your inside.

You are permitted to be calm and collected, but be rugged on the inside towards pursuing ALL that God has created you for.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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