Three (3) Costs of Success – Bishop David Oyedepo

SPIRITUAL COSTS – The fragrance of your prayer today will speak for you tomorrow .You need to be connected to your spiritual rocks in order to keep on bearing your fruits. You need help from heaven, strength in the day of trouble.

INTELLECTUAL COST – knowledge is power. To be informed is to be transformed, to be an uninformed is to be deformed. The more enlighten you are on any subject matter the greater the level of command you gain. We need a working knowledge of any venture we are embarking on. It’s the information that gives value to every vision.

I knew God told me to a embark on covenant University as a project but time was invested in searching and researching what type of university are we heading for. It’s not only having vision it is having adequate information which will drive the vision. Information is the vehicle with which every vision is driving to its accomplishment.

Intellectual cost have been ignored. That is why many businesses have been short-lived. Any business that you are in that is void of intellectual property is sure to be short-lived. The more enlightened we are on any subject matter, the more level of command we gain. Sustainable success is guaranteed by quality information. Give attention to reading, to doctrine and to exaltation.

PHYSICAL COST – high elasticity is a requirement for high performance. It takes hard work to fly higher. Every success story is traceable to high-level investment of time, energy and resources you need energy to maximize destiny. John 9:4.

Any one that is not working, will end up begging. Things only work for workers. There is no shortcut. People think it’s only money that is used to invest in business. Without these three -dimensional cost, that one holds no values. These three fundamental – costs gives value to your low financial resources investment.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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