When you desire to please yourself in whatever way rather than listening to and obeying the Word of God, you are ” living by the Bread alone”.

When, Samson, a Nazarite dedicated and anointed from the womb to save the land of Israel, chose to pitch his tent with the ladies of the Philistines and married out of them, a lady who would sell him off, he had chosen to “live by the bread alone” above the Word of God.

When you chose to live with your worldly friends because of the pleasures and the ungodly benefits you derives from them, you are choosing to live by the Bread alone.

Whenever you are confronted with the option of either to do the will of God or to tend to your own captivating, seductive, tempting, seemingly profitable ways, you are being offered to Live by the Bread alone above the Word that proceeded from the Mouth of the Lord.

Source: Evang. Mike Bamiloye

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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