Ahh I am tired, tired of reading about Jezebel in the Bible, so that i can argue if the makeup on her face is a sin or not.

I am reading about her to know, what she made up her life with that the same Elijah that called fire from heaven on men, ran away from her. Ahhh when Jezebel threatened Elijah no woman could rise and threaten Jezebel but me i am learning so that in this 21st century if any daughter of Jezebel arise to threaten our Elijahs ahyayaya we will keep him with our utterances.

Sorry i am not interested in reading the old testament only to know where it is written “A woman shall not wear a man clothing” i am reading to know what Deborah wore in the spirit, that other men in her time didn’t wear, that made Barak to insist that she follow them to The Battle Ground.

Whether attachment is a sin or not no longer captures me, what captures me is the hunger that made Anna the Prophetess attach her knees to the ground until she saw the Salvation of Isreal, i also want to attach my knees to the ground until i see Revival in the World.

Forgive me if I don’t join you to argue whether a woman should cover her hair or not, but my yearning is to know how a woman called Kathryn Kulhman covered her Generation with the knowledge Of the Holy Spirit.

Whether Mary Kay foundation is a sin or not i don’t know, but i know ahyaa that there was a kind of foundation Mary lay on her womb that made God build a home for Jesus in it.

Beyond arguing whether high heels is a sin, i want to know what was in the groanings of Hannah that put Barrenness on its heels.
This hunger is beyond Religion.

No nah, as a Lady there is more for me in the Bible than what doctrines say.
This is a cry that as Ladies
Beyond looking like the Revelation of Doctrines may
Our Life look like the Realities of Jesus

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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