Growing up as a child, I discovered that one of the gifts God blessed me with is the gift of drawing, painting and making out designs out of anything. Leonardo Da Vinci became one man whose drawings fascinated me, particularly because of his attention to details, foresight, and his mind blowing paintings, from Mona Lisa in 1503 to The last Super in 1498, to Salvator Mundi in 1500, his works were just almost impossible.

One of his greatest paintings was the painting of the last super. Because of his attention to details, when he was drawing each of the disciples, he went out to look for someone who has their descriptive character as outlined in the bible. While He was about to paint out Jesus, He went round the city looking for a young middle aged man who is both strong and innocent in his appearance, after several search, he found one and was able to paint him.

The last person left for him to paint out was Judas Iscariot, and it took him years of search to find someone who had close to his description.He wanted someone vicious, greedy and highly dubious and dangerous at the same time. Finally after years of searching, he heard about a thief who had just been apprehended for several crimes, which included; killing, stealing, and rape.

Finally he had found the fellow he was looking for, so he traveled far to see the man and possibly draw him out to match his painting. As he sat to draw out the man, the man suddenly Interrupted him and asked if he could recognize him, Da Vinci, not wanting to implicate himself said “no” sternly, then the man went on to tell him that he painted him as Jesus years ago.

Apparently the same innocent and strong young man that was painted as Jesus years before had now grown so worse to fit into the description that matched Judas Iscariot. What changed?
Possibly he had those tendencies, possibly he became hardened as he journeyed through life.

There are too many lessons to learn from this, you can probably share yours, I only have a counsel; You are known for Jesus today, please remain so. You may not be all you want yet, but it is best to remain so than to fall off the radar.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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