“How To Command What You Want”- Apostle Joshua Selman

One of the greatest Nigerian televangelist called Apostle Joshua Selman explained some critical tips on how you can Comman what you desire in life.

You can know what is in you by the result around you, listen to me, everything that happen to you is a report card and attestation to what you carried as a servant of God. The realm of the spirit is so powerful that is responsible for the manifestation of the physical. There is grace you will carry that a generation must hear you, it is not because you are preacher if you do not understand the principle of the kingdom assignment your generation will ignore what you carried no matter how much annointing you have.

There is an anointing that will compare everything territory and all things that comes your way to hear you. There is grace that is called “destiny helper.” if you don’t have this grace I am talking about, helpers of destiny will be far away from you because heaven does not allow them to bless you.

Let me tell you there is nobody that is greedy it’s what is on you that is making the possibilities to shine before you. The world have over 6.7 billion people and these people are enough for God to use to bless you. But it’s what you carry that make the world to listen to you anywhere you may find yourself.

Some said to me apostle why is it that people are not listening to me whenever I Command? It is because you don’t have the oil that will make men honours you.

One of the Thing you should is to pick favour from January to December and through prayer and understanding the laws of commands you can achieve this power. Command everything to be delayed till you shows up, if you are not there yet then let it wait until your arrival.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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