Four (4) Keys That Activate Supernatural Favour – Bishop Oyedepo

Four keys to flowing in supernatural favor. Remember we live in a kingdom that operates on keys. After Peter confessed Christ as the Lord, Jesus said, “I give unto the keys of the kingdom” and in Luke11v52 Jesus interpreted that key to be revelation. So, revelation is key in the kingdom. We just need to understand spiritual truth and make the most of it.

What are the keys to flowing in the supernatural favor?


Favor demands righteousness as in the case of Joseph. Favor followed him into slavery. Favor handed over the estate of potiphar into his arms. He said, “How can I do this thing and sin against God” the fear of God was his lifestyle. Favor followed him to the prison and catapulted him from the prison into the palace. Psalm5v12 says, “For thou Lord will bless the righteous with favor”. You can’t enjoy and sustain a flow of favor without the fear of God as a lifestyle. Favor is the companion of all that fear God.


Serving God and the interest of God’s kingdom as in the case of Daniel. Serving God brings believers into the favor of God. Daniel served God and he received favor from the king. Serving God continually without looking back guarantees favor. Daniel6v28 says, “Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyprus the Persian.” Don’t let mockers distract you, stay on course.


Sacrificial giving in promoting the kingdom of God as the case of David and Solomon. Favor will always respond to everyone that is tirelessly committed to promoting the kingdom of God with his resources and start from where you are, God is not a task master. You start from where you are put your heart in it. Promoting the kingdom will always be a plus at any level. Start from where you are, kingdom promoters always have testimonies but without a seed on the ground, the harvest is never in view. Commitment to the promotion of the kingdom opens you to strange favor, financially.


A lifestyle of thanksgiving and praise as in the case of David. David has praise and thanksgiving as a lifestyle, so favor becomes his portion. It is favor that make us to stand out among others, and for you to flow in steady supernatural favor, you must have thanksgiving and favor as a lifestyle.

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  1. Gudday thanks for the word of God we receive through ur Teaching, iam the G, O, of God is Lord Church , No 13 luke igbokwe str Nkpor onitsha Anambra state,


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