Areas you need Capacity – Pastor Femi Lazarus

You need capacity in different areas to become fit for all that God will have you do.
You need Spiritual capacity, this is strength in your spirit man, it comes when you interact more not just with the things of God but with God. Your functionality in the spirit realm becomes stronger and sharper.

You see evil miles ahead and you know what to do to avert it. You become privi to things a natural man does not have access to, you hear things they are not hearing. It is with this capacity that you scale into different dimensions with God. This is the real bedrock that helps keep every other things together. If you have other things well and don’t have this, you’ll eventually come down someday. When you are strong in this area then you have access to God’s kind of wisdom. You may not be poetic but your actions becomes sound and relevant in God’s agenda.

Secondly you need emotional capacity. You can’t react to every thing you feel like reacting to. When this area is developed, you’ll be able to handle disappointment better, and you need strength here because every now and then disappointment will always come. Strength in this area helps you to handle what could have destroyed others better. You don’t take offense, you don’t deal indiscriminately with the opposite sex, you have become a strong wall and people begin to wonder how you are able to go through what life throws at you. Sometimes some Christians are not able to tell the difference between a spiritual burden and depression. In fact some move from having a burden to being depressed without knowing.

Thirdly, intellectual capacity. Knowledge of some times won’t come from just praying and reading the Bible, you need to have interacted with other materials; educational materials, you need to broaden your mind to be able to take those mountains, and knowing the Bible won’t cover up for ignorance or complacency in this area.
God will only use you for what you have agreed to develop capacity for.
Are things tough now ? Grow through them.
Are you going through disappointment? Grow through it.

Don’t see everything as a threat, certain things are there to broaden your capacity.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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