Deep truth about Prayer and Meditation – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

The renown Nigerian Televangelist and Senior Pastor of Day Star Church, Pastor Sam Adeyemi reveal deep truth about prayer and meditation.

“Prayer is boring to many people because they don’t understand that prayer is not a monologue, it’s a dialogue, it’s not only you talking and prayer should not be an excuse for you to be a spiritual talkative, because we’re told prayer is talking to God, no it’s a discussion based on relationship, Father and son’s relationship.

Spend time in God’s presence, He will share his thoughts and ideas with you. His perspective will rock your mind because things are not always the way they seem. So, spend time in prayer, let God share the future with you but that’s if you engage your imagination, while you’re praying because the unfortunate thing is that, the charismatic usually suspend his brain because he’s praying. The spiritual is useless if it does not touch the physical and the bridge between the two is your mind. So, bring your mind to the prayer room and it’s good for you to have paper and pen while you are praying.

So, spend time in prayer and meditation. Meditation is deep thinking, so stay long in the place of thinking for your mind to catch fire. Psalm39:3 says, “My heart was hot within me while I was musing, the fire burnt then I spoke with my tongue”. So, stay long enough in meditation. If meditation is not on your to do list, if in the course of a day there is no time you have devoted to meditation, you’re wasting energy.

The quality of your life won’t be better than the quality of your thoughts, you need to be capturing thoughts from the realm of the spirit. It’s the first thing I do in the course of my day and know the environment and atmosphere that helps you best to think. Once you can get to that frequency, the thoughts, the ideas, the visions and the dreams will drop, you don’t need to create them, they’re hanging. So, spend time in meditation.”

Here is everything Pastor Sam Adeyemi said in the VIDEO:


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