One day a crow took a piece of meat and flew away with it in her beak. She sat on a branch of a tree. A dog was passing under the tree when it noticed the piece of meat in the crow’s beak.

The dog tried very plan possible to get the meat from the bird but all it’s plan failed.
With flattering words, the dog started to flatter the bird. The birds head was swallowen up and the bird forgot that it had something precious in it’s mouth.

The dog then said to the bird “the way you look so pretty, I can imagine how sweet your voice will be if you start singing,” the dog then requested a song from the bird.
As soon as the bird opened it’s mouth to sing, the meat fell off to the ground and the dog picked it.

The bird upon seeing that it had lost something special, tried to chase the dog for its meat but it was too late.
We all have something precious that the devil is interested in.

Those who do not appreciate what they have, looses it to the devil and after loosing it, they try to chase the devil for what they have lost and that’s the beginning of addiction.

Today the devil is using flattery videos of pornographies, sex scenes in movies, drugs that enhances sexual pleasures etc to create sexual fantasies in the minds of many. Many are addicted to sex because they can’t reach the satisfaction the media and the devil promised. They keep changing women after women, thinking they will get the satisfaction they have been promised by the devil, yet the more they try, the more empty they become.

Many are addicted to alcohol, it was just one sip and many are still chasing the devil to get their lives back to normal.
Many are addicted to gambling. The devil will promise you fortunes, he will take what you have and you will have to chase him with all you have.
Don’t loose what you have to the devil, you can never outrun him.

It’s just like an old lady who went to farm and got thirsty, the sun was very hot when she decided to come home and get some water to drink. Crossing a tarred road which was near to her farm, she saw a mirage on the road which looked like water on the road. She decided to get closer and drink from that water. The more she gets closer the far the mirage appeared far ahead of her. She was so determined to drink that water and by the time she realized she had gone very far away.

Must she continue following the mirage or must she turn back home.
Many of us are still chasing the mirage and have gone very far. It’s time to turn back home because you can never outrun the devil.
When Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus took her emptiness and filled her with joy divine. The devil on the other hand will take your joy and fill you with emptiness.

Just like the Prodigal Son, your father have many good things in store for you.
Break the chain of addiction and be free.
Contentment does not leads to addiction, be contempt with what you have.
May the good Lord help all who are Battle with any form of addiction.
May the good Lord Bless You and keep You.

Fighting Sinful Addiction|Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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