Nuggets: Don’t Waste your Youthful Season

If you are a young fellow reading this, listen to me with all your heart.

Don’t waste your youthful season doing what seems right to you, take time to verify if what you are doing is right. Ask those who have gone ahead to guide you, don’t be too arrogant to ask for directions.

There is no pain in life that is compared to the pain of wasted time; to get to the end of one’s life only to discover that one never really lived.

Set out early in life to do what is right, pay any price required to stay on the right track. The pain of discipline is far lesser than the pain of regret.

You have energy, you have strength and yes you do have a voice, be careful to Chanel these seasonal resources into what will carry you on in the night phase of your life.

Value relationships, don’t cut yourself off associations that pulls you towards God.

Seek God early, he will prepare you, seek him late He will repair you, and the repair is mostly from self inflicted damages.

People damage their lives on daily basis, social media has a way of beautifying what people will later cry about, be careful to build when the sun is still up if you don’t want to sleep on bed of stones at night.

The opportunities you are wasting now may not later be there, go to school while you can, learn a vocation while you can, life has a way of catching up with people.

Don’t waste your vitality

Don’t waste your strength

Don’t chase empty clouds.

Make hay will the sun is shining.

Many of the things that can be ignored today will matter tomorrow.

Your brother,

Femi Lazarus.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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