(Simple But Profound Explanation)

– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Ability to drink from different sources relevant to your calling and crystalize those dimensions into the pattern of your ministry is a great show of apostolic wisdom.

Like a bee which takes its nectar from different sources, you’re able to interact with different streams of grace that add value to your calling without any form of substitution.
You should never substitute your calling for another person’s calling because YOUR CALLING IS YOUR CALLING.

Impartation does not REPLACE your calling; it only ENHANCES it. Impartation is not a “LIMITER”; it’s an ENHANCER.
As the oil of your fathers and mentors rubs on your spirit and on your calling, you come to a level where there’s a point of commonality in certain expressions and that is different from IMITATION; it is, on the other hand, a product of IMPARTATION.

This is permissible within the context of the workings of the Spirit of God in your life. For instance, you may find yourself sound similar in some of these areas:
* Speech flow
* Voice modulation
* Physical gesticulations
* Pulpit mannerisms
* Mental connectivity
* Outward demonstrations
* Carriage, Composure and Demeanour
* And Lots More!!!
Acts 4:13 and several other scriptures lend credence to this vital ministry truth.
When some of these are manifested, SO MANY PEOPLE hastily conclude that it’s IMITATION or that the minister in question is a carbon copy of another man, and that he’s not being original.

But that requires further explanation. While it is true that some may try to mimic these flows, it’s equally noteworthy that some of these flows too can be a product of IMPARTATION.
When these are done without any influence of IMPARTATION, the way we know is that the spiritual force behind those dimensions will be missing, hence there’ll not be corresponding manifestions.

But if they’re products of IMPARTATION, we will see the fruits of the graces in manifestation translating into the blessing and transformation of lives.
Herein lies the point of difference between IMITATION and IMPARTATION.
IMITATION can be a LIMITATION in the sense that the person involved wants to synthetically manifest some dimensions of grace but IMPARTATION CAN NEVER BE A LIMITATION if the receiver understands how to relate to it IN THE CONTEXT OF HIS INDIVIDUAL CALLING.

For instance, I have fathers and teachers that have gone ahead of me that I drink from but I don’t teach “100%” like any of them (please take note of that clause, 100%); I TEACH LIKE ME but their graces are evident on my calling. And the same thing is applicable to every minister!

Understanding this principle of IMPARTATION lays to rest the notion that common expressions between ministers of “vertical level ministry relationship” are SYNTHETIC, not AUTHENTIC.
In the converse, a balanced minister realizes that in it all, the different streams of grace that God exposes him to are meant to crystalize into THE SPECIFIC PATTERN AND MANDATE that he has received from the Lord.

This, to my mind, is a basic understanding that every minister that intends to fulfil THEIR CALLING or make a full proof of THEIR MINISTRY must have.
Trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?
Thanks for your time!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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