CAUTION: There Is Only One Road That Leads To Heaven. Are You On That Road Today?

One of the most remarkable elements of Revelation is seeing into Heaven. But one of the most vital truths we learn from learning about Heaven is that God affirms that:

There is Only One Road
That Leads to Heaven
Heaven is where God is, His Throne, His perfected worship, and the way things look untainted by sin. We hardly ever get to see what something looks like that is perfect, during our earthly lives, because everything we see is marred by sin, the fall, and the rebellion of Satan swirling around us.

But each time we get to open our Bibles, we see through the window of the Word, a perfect sight of the way things are right now in Heaven,.
In Revelation 4-5 we see the perfect, flawless picture of who exactly it is that will be in Heaven.

WHO it is that will be in Heaven? You ask that question on any day and you can get as many answers as there are people answering. Is there no definitive, last word on that subject? Yes, we hold it.
Beware of the Wrong
Pathway to Heaven

Today, religions across America and around the world offer a bloodless path to Heaven. This path allows people a comfortable journey to Heaven. They walk upright and un-bowed, they go at their own speed and in their own strength, and most of all, they get to follow their own path.
Some try to head to Heaven by way of mystical religious experience, others by way of rigorous ascetic denial.

Some follow a road to Heaven designed by their churches (Catholics and Protestants), others by their synagogues (Jews), others by their Temples (Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists), and others by their Prophet (Muslims, Scientologists, cultists).
Others go on a road to somewhere, but one they designed themselves (secularists, atheists, evolutionists).

But any road that anyone travels that does not match the road that we see in Revelation: is not a road that goes to Heaven.
There Are Two Completely
Different Destinations
Any other way than The Way of God’s Word, is the way that heads straight to Hell by way of the first stop through the door of the grave called Hades. The grave is where dark terrors greet each new arrival awaiting their turn to stand at the Great White Throne’s Judge that they rejected whose Name if Jesus Christ the Lord Almighty.

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Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.

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