Ten things too deep for me to Understand – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Some things are confusing in this world, yea ten things too deep for me to understand.

I have sat down to wonder how so countries that are neck deep in racial discrimination are big on animal right protection. You can rough handle people because of their skin color, but you have to deal carefully with a dog, it is so deep, maybe dogs are better than people on the account of skin color, including black dogs.

Churches are being closed down yet pastors jailed because of their refusal to be a part of same sex marriages yet you impose it on churches to join people of the same sex, the pastors are jailed on the premises that they are enforcing their views on people yet here is another enforcement.

I love you, you are very dear to my heart, you are doing what will eventually bring you down, but I trust God to reveal it to you, you are so dear to me but I can never take the risk of telling you to stop, our relationship is deep and I prefer it over your safety, these things are too deep for me to understand.

Traveled miles to attend a meeting in another environment because of spiritual hunger only to spend bulk of time in restaurants outside the meeting place while the meeting is going on, too deep for my mind to understand.

To look at your life and all that God has done only to arrogate to your intellectual capacity and abilities, forgetting that the fellow who took you Math tutorial on campus has been having extra years for the past five years over the same course yet lecture it well. Lol

How a man can mess up members of his congregation sexually and still lay hands on the same people, preach, teach and look into their eyes with full confidence and energy, these things are very deep.

How people survive without prayer, too deep for me to phantom.

To be humble about your pride and proud about your humility, it is a deep stuff.

To teach others and not have a listening ear, this is a high mountain of understanding.

To conclude that you can do life excellently well without God, you must be very strong.

These things are too deep for me to understand.

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow might be too late.


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