Lauren Daigle single “Tremble,”detail her encounters in the presence of God

Multi-platinum selling artist Lauren Daigle released a new single this month, “Tremble,” giving her millions of fans a glimpse into her personal experience with the presence of God.

Though Daigle has been performing “Tremble” for the past few years while on the road, the two-time Grammy Award-winner recently shared her live performance of the single with the world for the first time.

“I will tremble at no other name/ My heart’s surrendered to no other reign/ I will bow at no other throne/ Rest my heart at no other home/ Let these hands lift no other crown/ Let these knees fall on no other ground/ Draw these eyes from the gold that won’t shine/ You turn this life from water to wine,” Daigle sings in the first verse.

In the chorus, the singer details what happens when she encounters the presence of God.
“I tremble/ I tremble, Lord/ In your presence,” the Louisiana native repeatedly sings.

Along with the audio release of the single, Daigle released a live video of her performance in the Greek Theatre while on her “Look Up Child World Tour.”

“I’ve been performing ‘Tremble’ for a few years now, holding on until the right moment to share it with everyone,” Daigle shared in a statement. “I’ve always had a special connection with this song and have loved seeing the audience reaction every night. I cannot wait to get back to performing it this fall!”

In 2019, The Christian Post attended a concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Daigle passionately sang with her hands raised in the air.

Speaking with CP before the concert, the artist said she was most moved by how her music has impacted people from all over the world.

Source: Christian Post

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.


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