– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Many ministers get it right on the level of VISION but miss it on the level of IMPLEMENTATION.

The fact that you know WHAT God would have you do is not enough guarantee that it will get done; you will also need to find out HOW God wants to get it done.
It’s about the systemic balance between WHAT TO DO and HOW TO DO.

A minister must be disciplined enough to find out how God wants him to pursue and execute His agenda for his life and not give himself to ASSUMPTIONS.
In this respect, it is better to follow the VOICE than the VOGUE.

You can learn from and be inspired by the “VOGUE” but the authentic stronghold of your vision is THE VOICE.
VISION is one thing, DIRECTION is another. PURPOSE is one thing, PROCEDURE is another.
Moses at a time had a strong burden in his heart to see his people delivered from Egyptian captivity.
That was a genuine burden and “vision” from God but his zeal overan him and he slaughtered an Egyptian fighting an Israelite and buried him secretly – Exo.2:11-12.
He got it all wrong until his mindset began to synchronize with the way and manner that “vision” would be executed.

Compare Moses with David. The latter knew that he was chosen to replace King Saul (that was a genuine vision from God) and he allowed God to perfect the process of execution.
When he had the opportunity to kill the king, he declined the offer – he still revered Saul as the anointed of the Lord – 1 Sam.24:6.

David would not become king by killing Saul. As a matter of fact, the pendulum could turn against him at that moment but he had enough “SENSE IN THE HOLY GHOST” to allow God perfect the process.
As a young minister, no matter the global potential of your calling as revealed to you by the Lord, you will never become a global voice by attacking those who have gone ahead of you.

Consider the case of Abraham too. He had a genuine VISION from God – he was going to bring forth a covenant seed through whom the promise would be fulfilled to all nations and generations.
But then, he got it all wrong at first on the level of IMPLEMENTATION – he came under pressure to sleep with Hagar and the result of it was Ishmael – Gen.16:15.

Yet God did not change His mind on His promise – God was still keen on Issac coming into the world.
You see, we need to get it right on the level of IMPLEMENTATION.
God can ask you to start a church, an itinerant ministry, a Bible school, a healing school, a school of prophets, a missionary outreach, etc. but you need to find out HOW TO GO ABOUT IT.

Don’t assume ministry. Don’t assume guidance. Don’t “assume” the steps to be taken. Let go all ASSUMPTIONS and clarify the details with God.
God is a God of details. As you wait patiently on Him in prayer, He will show you THE STEPS to take to bring into fruition the vision He has placed in your heart.

Many ministers will have great testimonies to share if they pay attention to CORRECT IMPLEMENTATION as a follow-up to their GENUINE VISION.
Nothing makes a shipwreck of AN AUTHENTIC VISION like WRONG IMPLEMENTATION.

May we all by guided by the Spirit of understanding and counsel for accurate implementation of God’s plan and purpose for our lives and ministries to the praise of His Glory alone.
I trust this is a blessing Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow might be too late.

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