– Pastor Bimbo Animashaun

Today, the Church in Nigeria is undergoing heavy persecutions by the children of the bond woman.

Like never, the sudden upsurge and uprise in anti-Christ activities is unprecedented, and the facts are too glaring in the public space to ignore.
While that is going on, with weak and extremely compromising political leadership at the centre, the devil is not also resting on his oars to sponsor unscriptural beliefs within the Christian fold.

In recent times, there have been Christians throwing punches at ministers who advocate SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY.
It’s been resurfacing on the horizon but given much traction by the talks on “Miracle Money”.

Now in the course of this brouhaha, some Christians and even so-called ministers are talking about proving the miracles of God in court.
A strong advocacy in this regard by members of the Christian fold shows a wide gap in discipleship.

And, in passing, let’s not forget that history has a way of repeating itself.
The miraculous has been challenged by the intellectual hierarchy in every generation.
The miracles wrought by Christ during His earthly ministry were challenged by the Sanhedrin.

They accused Him of using demonic power and also knocked the propriety of healing people on the Sabbath day.
Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola was arrested for practising healing without medical license, and so were many ministers in his generation.

Men like John Alexander Dowie, F. F. Bosworth, John G. Lake and many others were bashed on account of their SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY.

Some years ago, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was banned by the National Broadcasting Commission from televising miracles on TV.
And many other examples abound. The absurdity in challenging the miracles of God is compounded by those so-called ministers and believers who are saying we should prove them in court.

It’s a descension from spirituality into intellectualism and it is very painful.
If for instance, we’re to prove Miracle Money in court, then we have to prove many other Biblical miracles in court, ranging from:

* The parting of the red sea.
* The rain of manna from Heaven.
* The turning of water into wine.
* The feeding of five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.
* The miracle money taken from the mouth of a fish.
* The cleansing of the leper.
* The suspension of the sun and moon by Joshua.
* The fall of fire from Heaven by Elijah.
* The bodily ascension of Elijah to Heaven.
* The deliverance of Daniel from the lions’ den.
* The protection of the Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace.
* The supernatural immunity of Paul from the viper’s venom.
* The healing of the impotent man at the pool of Bethesda.
* The healing of the mad man of Gadara.
* The healing of the woman with the issue of blood.
* The healing of the man at the beautiful gate.
* The bodily disappearance and reappearance of Philip by the Holy Spirit.
* The angelic deliverance of Peter from prison.
* The deliverance of Paul and Silas from prison.
* The resurrection of Lazarus.
Plus Much More!!!

Now we will have to investigate and prove all of these miracles and many more in court.
It is unfortunate that a Christian can inadvertently yield to the spirit of the anti-Christ in the name of defending the Faith.
There are certain things that we keep quiet over if we don’t understand and seek clarity from Scriptures through the Holy Spirit.
This same thought pattern was sponsored by some so-called Christians in the wake of Covid-19 – many said it could never be healed supernaturally.

So, it’s not just about MIRACLE MONEY; it’s about THE CULTURE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST that challenges the verity, veracity and primacy of the miracles of God.
And we need to be very careful. While I believe in medical science, hardwork, industry and the dignity of labour, I BELIEVE MORE IN THE SUPERNATURAL.
You cannot attempt to RIDICULE the MIRACLES of God and not put OBSTACLES on your way.

See friend, MIRACLES ARE REAL and God does turns the RIDICULOUS into the MIRACULOUS.
Let’s not go the way of the Pharisees. As their name suggests, they were TOO FAR TO SEE – that’s why we call them PHARISEES.
Never you query the core of the Faith because CHRISTIANITY ITSELF IS AN EXPRESSION OF THE MIRACULOUS.

There are enough issues to deal with in this country; we should be looking up to the miraculous God for intervention, not partnering with the anti-Christ to denigrate the miracles of God.
Trying to prove miracles in court is below our status in Christ.

The new creation in Christ is the GREATEST MIRACLE of God’s love.
Therefore I am a MIRACLE on two legs, walking; His Grace made it so.
And I’m gonna make the devil and all his demons mad because of that.
Glory to God!!!

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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