After church on Sunday it was announced that all the men should wait behind to pray for 30 minutes, both the singles and the married men. Half way through the session I noticed a lady joined us, praying like crazy and speaking in tongues everywhere.

Okay, to be honest, I got distracted there for a bit. She was the only lady praying amongst us, and she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, indicating she was a single lady.

After the prayers my curiosity as usual , because somewhere between my own prayers I was asking God if she was praying for her husband or standing in the gap for a brother. So stubborn me, I wasn’t willing to let it go. I spotted her leaving and went to say hello.

Another problem was asking, how do I ask her politely why she waited to join the men’s prayer meeting without sounding very awkward . Right there an idea hit me.
So I said, “Hello, excuse me good afternoon. I saw you praying with the men and I thought I should come over and thank you for standing with the men in prayer.”
Trust me that was the only polite way I could think of asking.

Then she hit me with a delicious bomb, she said, “yea, I was standing in the gap for my boyfriend, kinda long distance relationship, but you can say that I’m standing with the men in prayer.”
My heart sank like awwwnnnn
, so nice, the only thing I could say was “thank you on his behalf.”

Hmmmm, I just want to challenge somebody reading this right now, the only place God can recognise you is in the place of prayer. The only time God recognises your love bond is when you are standing in the gap for your partner, or standing in the gap together.
Dear aunty of life, start praying for that man now, forget about marriage now now, praying for him as a single woman will make praying for him as a married woman easier. Develop the habit of standing in, practice carrying some of his weight on your own shoulders. Intentionally tell him to give you one of his prayer points to pray about, let him start feeling the miracles happening in his life as a result of your prayers.

Give him testimonies, testimonies inspired by you. Let him boast to his friends and say;
“I got the job because my babe and I prayed.”
“I felt the headache disappearing when my girl layed hands on me, so each time I feel a headache I just run to her .”
Uncles I’m talking to you too. How about hearing your boo boasting about you to her friends?

“Alex, is my priest, He talks to God on my behalf because God listens to him.”
“I got the admission after Daniel and I fasted.”
Start building your partner’s confidence in your prayers. Talk to God about your partner so much that anytime you walk into His presence He will be like “ehennn? what do you want me to do for Andrew again?”
Don’t wait to practice in marriage, start with your relationship now!

Don’t wait until a man comes, start building that familiarity with God before he comes.
I feel like I’m talking to someone out here reading this in bed, it is you?

Source: Pastor Allison Hyacintho

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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