Dear MOG,
Cc: Loving Husbands,
Just a quick word God told me to tell you on this day.

He said while you are busy shouting everywhere that your wife is not your first ministry assignment on earth, you should remember that He did not curse the ground because Adam forgot the name the animals, or forgot the name he had given to the Antelop, neither did He curse the ground because Adam wasn’t busy in his assignment of ruling over all that was committed to him in Eden.

God cursed the ground because Adam was busy with everything else except his first assignment, the one who is the closest influence to him and the ministry he claims to be his first priority – HIS WIFE.
The above message is what God said to tell you.
Now, the following are spoken on my own accord;

Pondering on this standing instruction to you with the Scripture, it made more sense to me why God did not retrieve the gifts and dominion mandate He had given to man before casting them out of His sight.
I mean, God should have taken back everything from him, the ability to name things and be creative, the power of dominion and rulership over the earth. BUT God didn’t.

Why didn’t He?
Because his lack of dominion or his inability to cultivate and replenish the earth wasn’t the reason for his fall. So we still have our authority, and dominion, but we lost Eden.
Some of you may still be preaching on big platforms and filling up event centres every other day, but deep down if you search yourself and your marriage you will see that you have lost Eden.

Why won’t your ministry move to a bigger auditorium? Why? Your dominion mandate wasn’t taken away from you. But you and I know you are operating outside the confines of Eden if you cannot command dominion in your marriage.

You just got a better job offer? Why won’t the promotion come? You still have the gift of naming, but Eden is lost.
Your business is moving, and it looks like everything is okay to you, cos your business is your first ministry. But in your home Eden is lost.

You perform all the miracles posible, people fall under the influence of the annointing in your meetings but you give zero attention to your wife and marriage, its normal, Adam did not lose his annointing, but he lost Eden.
You just want to struggle Sir, honestly.
I know people won’t see that you are struggling because you show up every sunday in a nice suit and chant beautifully in tongues, but your Eden is lost.

Enjoy your big auditoriums.
Enjoy your new job appointment.
Enjoy your selfies with all the big and happening MOG in town.
As for me, the greater joy is operating under all of these power and glory.. and still have EDEN.

Source: Pastor Allison Hyacintho

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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