-Apostle Joshua Selman

Don’t criticise a man until you know the weight of what he is carrying. There are ministers you are seeing, the burden and Grace upon their life is heavy. Pray for them, don’t talk about them.

Moses was carrying a dimension and was quiet. A part of His spirit came upon 70 elders and none of them could stand, that’s what one man was carrying.
One night, I was watching the video of William Branham, a man that has been so criticise by the body. People criticise him, that at the end of his life, he went into heresy. The ability to adapt is your proof of honour.

You must adapt to people weaknesses and limitations. Elijah was a temperous man, but Elisha endured it to receive the Grace. Waiting for perfect vessel to transfer Grace to you, you will never find one. Adaptation is proof of honour.

When I look at William Branham, do you know even the modern day prophetic, there are few people who have come close, is just that they did not have the opportunity to capture this things.

As I was watching him with humility, this is what happened to me; suddenly, I felt like oil from my head, my eyes were tearing and it started going down my body. Cold sensation as if I was in the fridge… I asked myself, what’s happening!

It started going down, it took about 30mins and then, it just left.
The next meeting I went to, there was wave of power and the heavens opened. This was how I entered into the prophetic.
Waiting for perfect vessel to transfer Grace to you, you will never find one. Stop the critics and start praying for them.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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