Important Notice – Pastor Femi Lazarus

The devil is both systemic and strategic in his operations, therefore it is important we are not ignorant of his methods and what he wants at the end of the day.

The devil understands that money fuels agendas. Money fuels desires, it gets things done, things that wishful thinking can’t get done.
He is trying to weaken the church from the consciousness of our prosperity in christ. Money is not carnal, it is a thing, it simply matters who is wielding it.

There are things that needs to be done by the church strategically in these days and time, and it will take prosperity to get them done. Hence the reason why the devil is fighting principles that guarantees our divine prosperity.

We need to take the mountain of media with strategic programs that will engage people both intellectually and spiritually, new breed of believers are needed, world class equipments will be needed, world class gadgets, Staffs will be paid, etc. Prosperity is not carnal, what you have will assume your state.

If you are spiritual, money will get things done in your hands that will make God happy.
Lastly, don’t glorify lack, that you desire to have what is needed to get something important done is not carnality or worldliness.

The church needs revelation of what the future holds, and we need to be strategic in our preparation.
I know what it means to borrow money to organize meetings and face shame at the end of the day and I also know what it means to have more than enough for any meeting, the difference is clear.

As believers we have the responsibility to give to things that pertains to the kingdom of God, and it is not foolishness to do so. Young people spends millions in beer parlors and clubs, we also have those who understands that “for the purpose of the kingdom has God lifted them”.

Dear believer, be strategic in your approach towards “endtime move”.
Hope this blessed you, share.

Source: Pastor Femi Lazarus |Published with permission

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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