PROPHECY CAN FAIL (BEWARE) – Apostle Joshua Selman

Your marriage will be a blessing when you know what it takes for a man and woman to be together.

If the only thing you take to your marriage is prophecy alone you will be in trouble. You must know how to handle crises..
Prophecies can fail when men do not satisfy the conditions necessary to activate the prophecy.

In the same way, negative prophecies can be adverted. People have had dreams about me having accidents on my trips ..Now they are not fake.. That maybe the plot of the enemy..It will be stupid of me to think Satan is on break for me No. I do something to change it.

What many of us are going through is not Satan attacking you but the inertia of sitting untop of prophecy doing nothing about it.
Take Satan out of the earth and people’s condition will improve only a little.. The poor will not suddenly become rich..there is what to do to become…

Some of us are sitting down waiting for prophecies to happen by themselves..Some of our parents have received prophecies since the 80s, I am showing you now that more than the speakings, their are conditions attached.
So you were told that you will be a powerful man of God like Rhenard Bonke and you just say it’s a confirmation will never happen if you don’t do what Rehnard Bonke did.

Talk about times of prayer, the word, disciplines of hosting the power of God..
The worst is that hands were laid on you and you think because you fell down under the anointing then it means everything will work by itself, you are joking.. you were empowered by that falling. The real Anointing will come when you have walked in obedient to the conditions.The anointing you received d when hands were laid on you is the grace to meet the conditions that came with that prophecy.

Whether a prophet is fake or a prophet is real, if you don’t engage prophecies, they will never manifest.
It’s a simple message but it will work wonders in your life.

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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