YOUR NUGGET: “The Anointed Is Not A Showman!”

This is an Instruction that Must ring deeply into the hearts of All that have been called to bear the Essence of The LORD.

The Only One who qualifies for Advertisement Is The CHRIST..

Self Image Marketing Is proof that you have not truly known HIM, for No one knows HIM and still thinks that Self is worth advertising.

Just Wonder, How can the LORD pay so Great a price, and you deny HIM of visibility? How can you belittle the Anointing as a bridge to advertise self? We have not so learnt CHRIST, except we do not know HIM at all.

Servant-existence was the Introductory face of the Apostles, How can we the claim to be if the Same SPIRIT and do so differently..

The SPIRIT Calls for A Mind Transformation, lest we be guilty of conformity to the standards of this world!

Your Brother,

Tolu Agboola

Rev. Toluwalogo Agboola

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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