– Apostle Joshua Selman

Sometimes some of you feel embarrassed for serving because five years down the line you have nothing to show for it and people mock you and sometimes you can feel stupid for being consistent..But I give you a scripture.

You are already opening a door..Stay there till the door opens..
You see, the thing about God is that five minutes to your lifting it will still not look like it..
Five minutes to your raising Joseph you are still in the prison.

While the person has left the palace and is coming to you already, You are not seeing him..

Oh Israel, when God is already winning the battle, you don’t have to fight.. But you are not seeing ..just believe in what Jehoshapat is saying..
I will pray as before..
I will fast as before..
I will worship as before..
Never be ahsmaed of your today, you will miss it tomorrow.

Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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