POEM: Work in Progress

Miss Fit (2020)

I am ashamed because I stutter when I speak
My words fall over each other and my tongue is weak
I stammer and slip over sentences that don’t quite make sense
I question my worth before YOU
I mean if I cannot string together a sentence
Then how am I supposed to tie up loose ends?

I shy away because I have nothing important to say
All I ask is that YOU have YOUR way
But I never seem to have the right words
I am always reminded that YOUR thoughts and mine are worlds
But I love this part
You have searched me and YOU know me, YOU know my heart

YOU know my weaknesses
And YOU cover me with YOUR wings
YOU know my worst yet YOU never count the losses
So dear Potter
Mould this work in progress
Into a vessel of noble use
And if it takes fire to realize its worth
Then so be it

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late


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