(When Two Callings Look Similar)

By Pastor Bimbo Animashaun
Dear minister, it’s important to understand THE POWER OF CONTEXT in ministry very early.

CONTEXT is everything. As ministers, God deals with us INDIVIDUALLY and every man is to abide in the same calling wherein God has called him – 1 Cor.7:20.

The dealings of God with us are on individual basis because destiny is an individual race.
In politics, it is often said that ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL. By the same token, in ministry, ALL DEALINGS ARE PERSONAL.
Don’t generalize the dealings of God; God deals with us individually.

Now, sometimes in ministry, you will discover that your calling looks similar to someone else’s calling – there will be obvious points of commonality.
In some cases, not in all cases though, you will discover that you have that kind of experience with those whom you follow in ministry.

Sometimes there will be points of commonality in your callings.
It could also be similarity of pattern, emphasis, style, and so on.
But dear minister, while all of those are perfectly in line, never forget to PUT YOUR CALLING IN CONTEXT.
Sometimes, if ministry followership is not handled with wisdon and balance, you may lose your IDENTITY or even sacrifice THE CUTTING EDGE of your calling on the altar of loyalty.

That’s why it is important to deal with everything in your calling and ministry IN CONTEXT.
The bottom line is that while two callings may look similar in some sense, each carrier and vessel must understand THE PECULIAR CONTEXT he’s to pursue his calling.
You know, in the Word of Faith Stream for instance, which I have a spiritual inclination towards by God’s Grace and of which Dad Hagin is popularly adjured to be the arrow head in modern history, there are many ministers therein yet with peculiar shades of individual manifestations relative to their specific assignments.

Bishop David Oyedepo for instance belongs to that stream, but unlike Dad Hagin who was strictly a Prophet and a Teacher, he’s into church planting works which spread all over the world.
Also, there are great ministers today whose calling appears very similar to that of Bishop David Oyedepo in terms of emphasis on LIBERATION FROM OPPRESSIONS OF THE DEVIL, but they are on mass media – doing TV and Radio ministry while Bishop Oyedepo is not into Television or Radio ministry.

You know; just like two human beings can look alike in terms of facial semblance, there will be obvious differences in age, background, exposure, colour, body make-up, aspirations, future plans and MUCH MORE.
It happens just like that SOMETIMES in ministry; your calling looks similar to someone’s, yet each calling is situated in PECULIAR CONTEXT.

Therefore, while it is right to discern those with which you share certain similarities in ministry, never forget to understand THE CONTEXT OF YOUR CALLING.
It is possible for a minister to be sincere in his heart yet he loses his peculiar identity in the call especially in the sea of wide ministry commonalities and similarities, and I say this with caution; I have seen that happen to a couple of ministers over the years – they engaged in what I call BLIND FOLLOWERSHIP without balance and objectivity.

As a minister, you have to learn and follow good examples but never compromise the CONTEXT and CONTEXTUALIZATION of your calling on the altar of emotions.
Remember; you will not give account of another man’s calling but of your own calling at the Judgment Seat of Christ – 2 Cor.5:10.

Therefore give all diligence to make your calling and election sure – 2 Pet.1:10.
May the Lord help us all!
I hope this made little sense Sirs and Mas?

Source: Bimbo Animashaun Teaching Ministries |Published with permission.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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