You may be going through things in your life right now that humanly speaking you don’t know how it will be done.. That is not your business.. Trying to find out how it will be done is the secret to killing yourself. Leave that to your partner.. Your senior partner the Holy Spirit. He is the wisdom of God. The author of scripture. He knows where your answer is.

Stop weeping.. Stop crying.. Stop looking like life is all over..
“Say to the righteous it shall be well with them”. There is a reason why you say that to them. Because God gave them the Holy Spirit. Tarry till he comes.

Look what he has done to this ministry. Every time I hear about what God is doing through me, sometimes I see the way people want to touch me and cry for mantles.. I look and I say, do I really have power to solve their problems?..NO.. ITS THE HOLY SPIRIT NOT ME.

LET ME TELL YOU.. ask all those who know me.. I look like a bold person but my personal life, I can be so shy.. Especially when you start thanking me.. I don’t know where to hide my face. People thank me but I know The Holy Spirit. He is responsible for everything.

How many battles have you been fighting by yourself and it’s killing you?
It’s because you were not designed to fight alone.David would have died had dared to fight Goliath alone.

Prayer point number one:
Lord every part of my life that is yet to subscribe to you, I lay it down….
Pray!! And lay it down.

Surrender everything.
Hand over your finances.. Your relationship, family.. Everything.

Prayer point number two:
Lord manifest yourself to me.. in my life and through me.. Lord restore me.. Lord let me have an encounter with you.. Cause me to know you, see your face and hear your voice.

Prayer point number three:
Lord what ever I have lost because I ignored your presence, please let it be restored.

Last prayer point :
Cry for revival. Revival is when fire comes back to you life, your home.. When God returnes to your home, life.. Pray Lord send revival to my life again.. To my prayer life, my word life, my worship life.. set me on fire again..

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.


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