POEM: Dear future Me

First of all
I hope you live
Long enough
To read this

I hope you get up
From this
And don’t follow
My footsteps
Into giving up

I hope you learn
To make it
On your own
For this my spirit yearns

I pray you live long
Not just exist
But take form, belong
Stay strong
Before from this world you exit

I pray you seek
And find love
Remain meek
Of sound mind
Find peace from above
My love

My only love
I hope you learn to forgive
Starting with the one
Looking back at you in the mirror
Trust me it will start a ripple

Sweetheart, please
Don’t live to appease
Everyone but breaking yourself
Dream into reality your own applause

Dearest, I wish you knew your worth
So that you would take care of your heart
Where others see shatters
Perceive the artwork that is in you

Dear future me, I pray that you don’t stay
I hope you fix yourself, don’t slay
The beauty that could be yours

Dear future
Do not let me down!

Miss Fit


Jesus loves you, accept him today – Tomorrow may be too late.


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