YOUR MINDSET CAN LIMIT YOU! (work on it) – Apostle Joshua Selman

You must work on your mind by meditating on God’s goodness daily.
Any trouble is frustrated when it does not have a mindset to partner with it.

Every victory is also frustrated when it does not have the right mindset to partner with..
The worst way to bind people is to bind their minds.. An elephant who is used to being tied will think it’s still tied even when the rope is removed and so it will never move beyond a certain boundary because in its mind, it sees itself being tied.

The way you think can affect your progress in life.
You must insist for your situation to change. There is a way you will insist that will make darkness go.
God is responsible for birthing victories but it will take your partnership to transfer it to manifestation.
God wants to bring us into dimensions of victory but many have limited him by their mind.

So in your family there is a negative pattern, all your brothers don’t have jobs or fail in life..or you have history of delay in marriage for the ladies in your family and God is looking at you hoping you can make room for him to break the record by choosing to partner with God by thinking differently..
What ever you hold in your mind is yours forever whether a tragedy or victory.

You must insist that your life must reflect God ‘s glory..
Make up your mind that your life will be a reflection of God’s beauty and glory.. Give God a door through right thinking so that he can move.
I never think failure.
I never think negative of God’s love for me..
I know God is jealously in love with me..
I think well of myself.

When you can love you, then you can love others..
Allow God to move the way he wants to. Don’t expect God to move in the way you want. Allow him do it his way. Don’t give up when you don’t see him show up in a certain way,.. Allow him to do it in the way he planned to.. Don’t hinder him by the program in your mind.

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Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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