Five things you must do to Handle the most Challenging Situation in your Life – Pastor Poju Oyemade

-It is never as bad as it seems or sounds. Do not escalate the matter with careless emotional statements. Your first words in response matter, the effects are hard to reverse.

-Make God your only source of victory by keeping the matter between you and Him ‘in secret’. This secrecy pact is the key to His living presence and answered prayer. Only talk to the person He asks you to if He does at all and it will be one person.

-Get quiet and surrender. What I mean by surrendering in the face of difficulties is to understand that the real struggle is because you are trying to bend the outcome to your will.

-Go out of your network and plant good seeds into others. Focus on sowing new seeds and not on your need. You are never trapped once you can sow a seed.

-People are infectious. Stay around positive people. They will show you through their right attitude to challenges how to win. Spend your time thinking not on the pain of the situation but the possibilities of the future.

~Pastor Poju Oyemade
Cc- @covenantccentre

Church Gist.

Jesus loves you, accept Him today, tomorrow may be too late.

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